Diamond in the Rough : Target’s Market Pantry Fruity Twists

What happens when a Target brand candy turns out to be outstanding?

Reviewed by Jonny

October 11, 2012

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Is house brand candy ever any good?  Not in my experience.  If you wanna try some shitty gummy bears, try anyone’s house brand.  Or worse, milk chocolate.  For some reason though, while in Target last week, their large bag of “fruity twists” caught my eye.  Perhaps the price tags of $2.47 did as well.

Yeah.  not that impressive, I know.  The candy’s sticky residue makes the bag look all cloudy, not very appetizing.  Yet..I felt the power of the red bullseye drawing me in.  Maybe it was the flavor selection of strawberry, green apple and grape.  We Candy Gurus are serious suckers for grape.

These basically are what they look like: It’s as if they chopped twizzlers into thirds.  But world, I have something to say.  These are better than twizzlers.  WAY better.  The consistency is similar, but a bit less waxy.  The flavor though?  Outrageous.  I’m not sure which one I like best, because they’re all incredibly good.  I LOVE The fact that they’re in bite sized pieces, because it makes sense.  Why have 4 long pieces when you can have 12 small ones?


The chew on these is great, and my money says they’d be excellent if one aged them outside the bag for a few weeks.  But fresh out of the bag, they’re a winner too.  These are addictive and win in the candy trifecta: delicious, cheap, and easily accessible.  The only thing that worries me is that they were marked down, which with my luck, means they’re discontinuing them.  Perhaps if we all go out and buy a few bags, they won’t?  Regardless, get on it, skippy.

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  1. TheKaz1969

    didn’t find them in the store last week. not even a spot for them. too bad, I liked these.

  2. LifeCrustCutOff

    I found these a few months back and I too was shocked at how yummy they are. I hope they are not discontinuing them, Im going to go stock up just in case lol, thanks for the heads up!


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