Dewars Fine Candies : Bakersfield’s Finest

I think I might have liked taffy when I was 4, but now? They all taste the same: bland, boring. And now we have more to try...

Reviewed by Jonny

April 18, 2013


Recently a few of my homeboys made the drive up north from LA to hang out, and along the way, they picked up some candies for me in Bakersfield.  When they asked me if I had tried Dewars, I said “Hell yes, I have!”

“Not the whiskey you idiot, the candy”.  My friends are nice.

I had to admit, I hadn’t.  And the box wasn’t really doing wonders for piquing my interest, either.

dewars-boxIt’s like my Grandma’s favorite smock exploded on a shoe box.  But I don’t judge books, so I opened ‘er up.  Inside is a bag full of taffy shaped candies.  And written on the bag, is Dewar’s mission statement.




They started in 1909, are family run, and are alive and kicking today.  Yay!  That’s all well and good, but I really wasn’t in the mood to pretend to like more bland taffy.  Salt water or not, most of it isn’t good.




Yep. more taffy.  But the boys insisted I try one.  Specifically, the pink one.  This is what it looks like inside:



Ummm… THAT’S PEANUT BUTTER IN THERE!  And it’s not  smooth cheap PB either-it’s grainy, salty and real.  But pink on the outside?  Ahh.  I get it.  It’s berry.  This is their PB&J candy.  And let me tell you something-it was amazing.  And it most definitely was NOT taffy like I had ever tasted.


When I think of taffy, I think of smooth, chewy, stickiness.  Like Laffy Taffy-the worst, most bland of all taffy-that’s what I think of.  Dewars isn’t that.  Think of these more closely related to a soft Tootsie Roll- the smoothness isn’t here.  It’s all grain, and I mean that in a good way. Each one is like a mini candy bar roll. Check some more of these out:





That’s some sort of nut on the left, and their delicious caramel on the right.  Officially, here are the flavors that were in my box (this is the “new flavors” selection):

Chocolate Peanut Butter, George’s Special, Pecan, Chocolate Hazelnut, Pistachio, Caramel Pistachio, Peanut Butter & Jelly, Vanilla, Spumoni & Grape


Here’s a little tip: EVERY flavor in the box is good.  Damn good.  Shockingly good, to the point where I had to horde the caramels & PB&J’s for myself.  So good that I’m ordering more.


Am I making myself clear here?  These candies hold the trifecta of being responsibly (and family) made with real ingredients, being unique-completely unique as far as I can tell, and tasting amazing. I didn’t think my buddies had it in them-these truly are a great gift, but clearly are better to keep for yourself.

Click the link below, and whatever you do, don’t snooze on the PB&Js.  I could see giving me a gift box just of that flavor, just sayin’.  If you were in the market for a gift for me.  Sometimes that’s the case.


Zolli Candy


  1. Jonathan weir

    Gerald Haslam, Dewar’s and mearle haggard. Three raddest things about bakersfield.

  2. shirl

    …five decades of loving dewar’s, one of “bako’s best” and i’ve never, ever seen one of these flowered boxes – only their signature red-with-gold-foiled-name.
    the local purists prefer only dewar’s peppermint (white n red stripes) and peanut butter (white with that luscious shmear of nut butter within)…but gimme the chocolate almond and the pistachio any day!…
    their ice milks and creams are bomb diggity as well, and that’s another blog altogether… *wink*…

  3. Matty

    What ‘buddies’ are these? You have 7 friends, 2 live with you, one is writing this comment, and the others most of us call ‘parents’

  4. cybele

    I keep meaning to place an order. I’ve had the almond and peanut butter and declare them delicious. They definitely have the best taffy I’ve had in ages (Fralinger’s on the East Coast also does good stuff.)

  5. Moi

    Yes the box looks a little like the 90’s threw up on it. I think I had an Easter dress in a similar pattern when I was little.


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