Curly Girlz Candy: Caramels, Toffees, and Nut Rolls- oh my!

Traditional candies made impeccably well = holiday bliss

The holidays are coming. Or didn’t you notice?  Even out here in California, the temperature has nosedived, rain has started to fall (ok, it was like 1/4 inch, but it’s a start), and actual leaves are coming off trees. Thankfully, the holidays mean one thing. Or a few things really: family, food, shopping, parties, copious amounts of booze, and most importantly, sweets.  Specifically, chocolates and rich things of that ilk. Today, we got ya covered. Check out what Curly Girlz sent us:


Pretty damn holiday looking, wouldn’t you say?  First up, the medium combo box.


It’s  a box full of delicious dark and milk chocolate caramels with not just boring old sea salt on them- it’s Celtic salt!  It goes to Viking funerals and stuff!


But wait folks, there’s more- much more. Underneath this epic display of caramels hides these lovelies:


Nut rolls. There’s actually four in the box, but I could only fit three in my crappy little light box. Note to light box manufacturers: feel free and send us a bigger one.

There might not be a confection more holiday-ish in the world than nut rolls. Wrapped around vanilla marshmallow nougat, the nuts really shine in these. I ate a whole one while taking these photos I WAS HUNGRY OK?  They’re excellent, intensely fresh tasting with the saltiness needed to make this special candy.  More on the caramels later

We still have to check out the other box, the Petite Caramel Toffee gift box.


Love the colors on this. But more importantly, I’m a toffee psychotic, so I love what’s inside.


Oh hi, what’s this?  No biggee, just their almond butter toffee. And shrouded around it, individually wrapped butter cream caramels.


No joke here, it’s literally like Curly Girlz looked into the hallowed recesses of my mind and sent only my very favorite classic confections. There’s nothing here I don’t love. Didn’t say like- LOVE. Quality is off the charts. Sure, caramels and toffee can only be so original, but for these kinds of sweets, originality isn’t the key: excellence is. Making the candies sweet but not too sweet, tinged with just enough salt and butteriness to make your jaw drop and render you speechless. Here’s to hoping no on else is with you so you don’t have to share.

But back to the caramels. Let’s open one together.


Yep, looks about right.


Just….gaze into that for a moment. Imagine biting into it, and finding a chewy, yet silky caramel dream underneath that nice dark chocolate. Now realize that I just did that irl about 7 times in a row.


Jelly?  YouSHOULD be.  These are amazing, and it’s perfect timing for the holidays. I honestly have nothing but excellent things to say about every single one of these confections, which is uber rare. If I had a criticism, which I don’t, but IF I DID….it would be with the name Curly Girlz. I’m hoping it’s named after  owner Paula’s daughters. I have no idea if she even has kids, but if this is the case, then I retract my non-official beef. Kids trump all.

But it if it’s not, then yeah. A little cute for us salty bastards over here at the Gurus. But cute is what generates these kinds of American Classic holiday (and frankly, any time of the year) delights, so in this case, they get a pass .

Regardless, these are amazing. And we encourage you strongly to click the link below and stock up for yourselves.   I suppose you  could buy some as gifts, but that’s only if you have very deserving friends and family.

Bravo,  Curly. Bravo.

Zolli Candy


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