Crunky is decidedly un-junky

If you love artificial strawberry flavor like I do, then you're in for a treat.

Reviewed by Jonny

January 7, 2015


Crunky isn’t just a candy from Japan- it’s a whole line of candies, consisting of chocolate bars, parfaits, “nude balls”, and oh so much more!



This particular variety, I couldn’t find too much info about.  But I’m here to make things extremely simple for you: if you like Crunch Berries cereal, you’ll like these.  Because they taste exactly the same.  Honestly, who doesn’t like Crunch Berries?  Sociopaths, that’s who.



I can’t prove it, but I’m pretttttty sure that’s not real chocolate.



Now that’s just plain delightful, that cross section.  Malty, cereal-like strawberry crispy delight.  Having said that, they’re not earth shattering for me since they taste so similar to Crunch Berries.  These are also way harder to find than the Crunky strawberry chocolate bars.  But if I did spot them in one of my local Japanese grocery stores in SF, I’d certainly pick up a bag. They’re fun!

Zolli Candy


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