Creme Savers are back! (Should we care though?)

Swirly nostalgia, anyone?

Reviewed by Jonny

June 21, 2022


So so so many people bemoan the lack of Creme Savers in their candy world lives. Me? I never tried them, never was that interested. But after the 5th or 6th time hearing people reminisce about them, I got curious. And now? They were re-released!

After my stealth Big Lots® mule picked me up a few bags, I was ready to go:

This is what $1 gets you at Big Lots
the classic?

I mean they look great. Truly.

Close up individual wrappers and pieces
Here's the glory shot
the pretty swirlzzzz…..

So far, 5 stars on presentation. Now for the taste test…And my confusion.

When these were available previously, I assumed they were made by LifeSavers, and were a variety of such. But that can’t be, because LifeSavers are the shit: their fruit flavors are very pronounced and forward. And pro tip, if you’re ever hankering for them, get the fruit variety on Amazon which has a lot of fruit flavors you may have never tried before. But my point is: these Creme Savers are the opposite of that. Muted, mellow,….mild.

But that’s not the worst part. The challenge here are the actual flavors. Sure, I get a little strawberry and a little orange, but more than that, I get butterscotch on both.


I’m convinced there’s a shared ingredient happening here. But for whatever reason, these don’t play as creamy strawberry or orange to me. This definitely could be a “me” thing — that for some reason my taste buds are conflating the expected flavors… with butterscotch.

Any way you slice it though, Creme Savers are simply not for me. YMMV. And if you’re like the many folks out there that crave the Creme Savers return, pick ’em up here.

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