Cockfest! er- Cokofest. Sorry. But it’s from Turkey.

Seriously, how often do you guys come home wasted late at night, on the mood for a cockfest?

Reviewed by Jonny

October 16, 2015


Am I dreaming, or am I finally reviewing candy from Turkey?  It’s a cockfest no less!

IMG_5458 Also: why are so many of my friends traveling around the globe, while I literally decompose, never farther than a 20 mile radius from my house?  Feels wrong. But that’s for another day.


This bar has a great heft to it  it’s not large, but it’s heavy: the promise of something good, at least in my mind.  But once I opened it, I just stared at the “chocolate”. I’m not sure what’s going on over there, but…this can’t be chocolate.  Doesn’t it look more like….a weird off brand dessert cookie?IMG_5460It’s all messy n’ stuff. But inside, there’s some combination of strawberry and potentially something crispy. I can’t be sure because it wasn’t a super pleasant eating experience. I needed to get that shit locked and loaded, and move on.


If you came home drunk at 1:00 am, responsibly driven by someone else, and this bad boy was on your counter, you’d eat it. You’d probably like it. But if you’re like me, a candy reviewer by trade, then you’d have to have some level of standards. And this….falls just a bit below our standards here. It’s messy, it’s a jumble of weird tastes, and that chocolate is definitely made in a Turkish prison, I’m sure of it.


But we’ve reviewed a candy from Turkey, yay!

Zolli Candy


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