Chupa Chups – To Suck or not to Suck, that is the Question

Chupa Chups will always be a fave sucker

Reviewed by Scotty

February 22, 2010


If you ask my daughter what her favorite baseball team is the answer will probably be the same as the answer to the question what is your favorite dessert or princess dress or shoes or flavor of lollipop or color. PINK. The girl is all about pink and luckily there are at least a half dozen Chupa Chup flavors that are pink. Cherry, Strawberry, Watermelon, Berry Yogurt – all close enough to pink to satisfy Baby Gurette.

And when your kid might break down because you lifted her down off a chair instead of allowing her to do it herself having an abundance of pink lollipops is a huge plus. Luckily Chupa Chups take care of the boys too. In the flavor category, I see Jelly Belly and these guys as the clear winners. There are 50 flavors of the regular size and 7 in both the smaller and extra large sizes.

Chupa Chups logo

Are these the greatest Lolly out there – not even close – but they are good. Actually pretty darn good. The flavors are distinct. My favorites are the fruit flavors – orange and watermelon particularly. Chupa Chups boast 5 lollipop lines – Classics, Minis, Sugar Free, Filled Lollipops (bubble gum in the middle) and Cremosas (swirled with cream and sugar free). I’ve only tried the Classics but again there are 50 flavors and I’ve tried about a dozen. The Chocolate Vanilla is interesting and a great sweet treat to satisfy that chocolate hunger. I really liked the Strawberry Yogurt but later on I tried the Berries Yogurt and it basically tasted the same. I always feel that yogurt or cream does that to candy. I’m looking forward to Mango, Capuchino Vanilla, Cola Lemon and Coffee. Not psyched for Cucumber but who knows.

Matty thinks they last too long but I actually like that because I like them. They do last a long time – very long. And that keeps other treats out of my mouth, which is very good.

There are other issues I have with these Lollys. First, there is a slight chemical flavor. I really like the flavors for the most part but… However, the biggest issue I have has nothing to do with the candy itself but the design of it. The stick is hollow. That’s right – its hollow. Alert the media. Ok – no biggie right? Wrong. Chupar means to suck in Spanish. Yes Chupa Chups are Suck Sucks. And at least a third of the Suck Sucks I’ve sucked have no suck because they aren’t connected to the stick perfectly. This causes an almost 100% decrease in suction because when they are loose the suction goes right out the end of the hollow stick. Can you believe that?

What bothers me most is that the fine people at Chupa Chups have to know it. It’s obvious. And I hate when companies produce shoddy products – especially when they know it because that means they don’t care. And that is so uncool. But what is cool is that Salvador Dali designed their logo. So I’ll call that a wash and let them slide. But please Suck Suck people. Wikipedia says that you sell over 4 Billion a year to 150 countries – change your stick. Give us back our suction.
So there is the good and bad but mostly good. They are cheap, tasty, varied and you get a little art on every wrapper even if a third of your sucking goes to waste.

And just so there is no doubt about it – my daughter, Baby Gurette is undeniably a Yankee fan – no matter what color their uniform.

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  1. Kishor Navkar

    Can somebody tell me
    Is there any problem, my 5.5 year child eating and swallow half of the chupa chups bubble gum filled lollipop. It’s harmful or not
    What should I do?

  2. Jakurai

    This article is 100% on point. However, it’s not because the product itself is flawed. It’s when someone decides to drop lollipops and expects people to get addicted to them if they pick them up. No, they won’t, because the moment the lollipops collide with a hard surface, the candy gets disconnected from the stick and people end up tasting air instead. And this is precisely the reason Fling Posse lost to Matenrou.

  3. Yes

    Jesus! You need to lick only the cady part! You don’t need to fit all the chupa chup on your maouth man, that’s why they are called “suck sucks” and no “blowjobs” XDDDDDDD

  4. Jaypal Singh Tomar

    Can somebody tell me
    Is there any problem, my 3.5 year child eating and swallow half of the chupa chups bubble gum filled lollipop
    What should I do?

    • Cv

      Can you please tell me is there any problem, even my kid swallowed half of it,

  5. F Rayappan

    Probably little ones can’t eat separately because they crush both Bubblegum and candy in between they sweet. But it is a Nice sweet.

  6. Maria

    It’s true that in America their quality is worst.. I’ve tried them and they don’t come even near to the ones in Spain, they taste a lot better. And the problem with the stick only happens if you hit the candy, it has only happened two or three times to me, and it is because someone hit it while transporting and things like that.. Because if not, you have to chew really hard on the stick to get it out there.

  7. ElBuf

    I just had my first Chupa Chup and, based on my experience, immediately googled “chupa chup hollow stick”, which brought me here. Scotty is correct. Air leaks in from the hollow stick, making it impossible to gain purchase on the Chup. This ruins the experience. Taste: not bad. Ergonomics: disastrous.

    • mattycandy

      Couldn’t agree more. Hey Chupa’s – how about you spend the extra bucks and buy more stick

  8. Ev

    I had these fairly often as a kid, the “straw” does nothing, as they are “hard candy” I see it more as a flavor thing, because honestly? Paper sticks suck, wood is too expensive/splinters. You examine the three options, then a hollow (saves on material) plastic (no taste imparted or dissolving) stick (the best shape), makes the most sense.

  9. matty

    Thanks Adam – didn’t know that, and it makes sense. Someday when I start thinking about others more than myself, perhaps I can make those distinctions without any help.

  10. Adam

    the reason for the hollow stick is coz the has been cases of kids choking on them and the stick allows some air to past through

  11. Sione

    What about those horrible lollipops with the papery sticks? Bits of paper getting all up and in the way of the sweet flavours. Man, those things suck arse. Ha. Suck.

  12. Jasmine

    I really want to buy Chupa Chups. Where can I buy some? But only like a small bag because on a lot of websites they only sell 5 pounds of assorted flavors.

  13. Matty

    Leaky Chupa Chups sounds like my next band’s name.

  14. Scotty

    You’ll never know until you try one that isn’t sealed – then you’ll be freaked out. you’ll say something like – “this lolly is broken”. I have had 3 in the past 2 weeks. But really – its crazy – you suck – and think about it – when you put a lollypop in your mouth that’s what you are doing – sucking – and nothing happens except air. I’ll show you what I mean next time I see you – I’ll have Chupa Chups with me.

    Or ask Jonny – he had a leaky Chupa Chup this weekend

  15. Matty

    No. Still don’t get it. I put a lollipop in my mouth and eat it. “Sucking” is the default word for it but I”m not really doing that. I’m not sucking up anything – I’m eating the candy. How does a hard ball of sugar on top of a stick with a hole make it so I can’t suck on it?

    • Jesus

      You are licking and eating d**k?

  16. Scotty

    No – that’s not what I’m saying. I’m saying that many of the lolypops are not securely attached to the stick and when you suck on those the sucking action has no seal. It escapes right up the straw – so you suck in air not delicious candy flavor.

    Get it nimrod?

  17. Matty

    Not sure I get what yr getting at re: sucking the lollipop on the hollow stick. Are you saying you can’t eat these because of the hollow stick…?


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