Choward’s Guava

It's old, it's new, it's hard, it's soft. It's....CHOWARD! ('s)

Reviewed by Jonny

September 12, 2013


Guys, seriously?  Am I expected to review candy by a company called “Choward’s” and not complain about the name?


Envision Howard.  A young confectioner-like 13 years old.  He’s experimenting with candy recipes in his parents’ garage, with his annoying older sister with headgear named Ellen hanging around critiquing him.  Then mom walks in, and is astonished by the mess.  As she starts to protest, Ellen in her full headgear/retainer vocal glory, insists “Itsh not mine!  Itsh Chowards!”


And that’s how the company was named-if there was any justice.  But in lame old reality, it was a company created by C. Howard.  Still though…dude called his candies “Choward’s Violet”, “Chowards Scented Gum” and these guys, “Choward’s Guava”.  That Howard.

It’s so…him to do that.


These are hard to come by unless you’re in an olde timey candy store, or World Market.  A friend picked these up for me, and to be honest, I wasn’t expecting much.  I wasn’t sure if it was a classic hard candy, or a mint, or…what.



Turns out the closest approximation is a mint.  It has the same pressed consistency as an Altoid, but…that’s where the comparisons end.  There’s no fresh breath aspect to these-they aren’t mints.  Instead, they’re a small, delicious tropical bite.  Surprisingly full flavored with a touch of tart to the finish, I was really impressed.  They really taste like Guava, and I have news for you, folks: Guava is good.


Swing by World Market or click the link below-but either way, give these a chance.  Guava repreSENT!

Zolli Candy


  1. Ev

    I love these, still not sure why this old school company went for Guava out of all the tropical fruits out there, but I can dig it and they pull it off well. My other favorite is the Lemon from them.

  2. chwarren

    Guava IS good.

  3. mattycandy

    The opening of this review is brilliant. On the candy side, I like these types. I assume semi razzle like without the chew?

    • jonnyguru

      hmm…I wouldn’t say there’s much of a similarity to Razzles- more like…a thinner non-sour sweetart.


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