Chick-O-Stick : The Islander Treat?


Reviewed by Jonny

February 27, 2009



Shaka, brahs. Greetings once again from the Garden Island. Before we start, I just need to let all of you know that this island is overrun with with wild Roosters. Not really something people talk about when they gush about how incredible Kauai is, is it? The realy disturbing thing is that these roosters are retarded. They harken the new day ALL day, and then again starting at around 4 am, 3 hours before sunrise. I’m not complaining mind you, as I’d sure as hell rather be here than at home (and working), but…it’s amusing. And speaking of poultry…

…Let’s talk about the classic American confection “Chick-O-Stick”. Not since Moron Palin has there been such a dividing line in our country. As I see it, there’s only 3 categories of people as they relate to this candy:

1. Those who’ve never tried them
2. Those who love them
3. Those who think they’re repulsive.

Usually, I only come across these at hillbilly truck stops in central California, but for some reason, you can’t throw a rock on this island without hitting a store that carries them. They also seem to love the hanging bags of mini Chick-O-Stick bites, but for the purposes of this review, we’ll stick to the big boys.

Chick-O-Stick are very similar to the inside of a Butterfinger bar: buttery, crispy, salty, crunchy. They also have a toasted coconut coating, which makes them near God-like in my book. That’s it: no chocolate, no nothing else. A big log of crunchy, salty, slightly chewy goodness.

I probably wouldn’t have even thought to review these if it hadn’t been for my friend Todd who expressed his love for these bad boys on Facebook, which got me thinking-why the hell don’t I eat these more? The answer is probably two-fold. One, they’re really not easy for me to find, living in the mostly non-hillbilly Bay Area. And two…these fuckers aint healthy. Hell no. Lotsa calories, lotsa fat, etc. But damn it, I like them. I think if I had to choose between these and a Butterfinger bar, I might go with the Butterfinger, but these hold a special place in my heart. Really though…you could coat a shoe with toasted coconut and I’d probably pay $5 for it and eat it happily.

Bottom Line: Chick-O-Stick clearly aren’t for everyone, but they’re for everyone cool. Seriously, if you don’t like salty coconut, what the hell is wrong with you?

Would I Buy Them Again?: Totally. I have many times, and I’ll keep on keepin’ on, on road trips and the like.



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  1. Lia

    Every time I taste one of these, the Animals’ song “Please Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood” gets turned up to 11 in my head. Either it was on the charts when I went though a c-o-s phase, or some candies have songs cooked right into them. Have you found this to be the case?

    Signed, just a soul whose intentions are good

  2. Denise Ryan

    OMG – I was talking about these in my last blog – I am now afraid, very afraid.

  3. toddmrs

    the chick-o-stick is a way under appreciated candy that is nothing but delicious and makes me happy.


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