Chewits Xtreme Sour Apple

There's a warning label on this candy. Lol Brits.

Reviewed by Jonny

September 25, 2020


If you put the word “extreme” on a candy, I’m buying it. Even if it’s spelled wrong. It’s that simple.

Most of the time, it’s rubbish and there’s nothing extreme about the candy at all. This time…well, let’s investigate.

The first thing that strikes me as weird is their little warning sign “Warning! Don’t bite off more than you can chew!”. They’re…individually wrapped bite size pieces so…I’m not sure who’s biting anything off…anything else.

ya feel me?

SUPER boring wrapped pieces. Oddly so. They’re a bit bigger than a “Now & Later”, but not by much. As for consistency, I suspect it’s pretty similar to N&Ws when fresh. These were almost a year old, and gloriously so: it made them just a bit firmer and chewier.

The UK version of “scary sour” is like a US medium-high sour. Meaning: really damn good. I think we’re all sour lovers here, but let’s agree: while there’s obviously such a thing as not sour enough, there’s also the rarified air of too sour. We don’t see it a lot, but sometimes we do. And even then, that’s fun for a second, but…to really hit the sweet spot, you want something that’s quite sour, but that also doesn’t overwhelm the flavor or eating experience.

These fall right in line with the perfect sour level. Additionally, their green apple, while similar to the US green apple flavor, feels a little milder, somewhat different-but not strikingly. I like to think it’s because the ingredients are better, which they in fact are. Yes, there’s glucose and sugar, but there’s also real fruit juices inside, and even some vegetable concentrates.

My theory (and I’m sticking with it until proven wrong) is that natural ingredients in gummy/chewy candy simply don’t have the shelf life of chemicals. Therefore, candies with them firm up, or “stale up” quicker-which almost always makes for a finer candy eating experience in my opinion.

If you like chewy candy, and specifically Now & Laters, you’ll love these. Oddly, you can get a pack of 6 “bars” of them for not much more than you’d pay on the street in London, so why not give them a spin?

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