Cherry Chill Tic-Tacs : What’s the Fuc*ing Point???

Tic-Toc, Tic-Tac

Reviewed by Jonny

August 2, 2008

I get that people like mints, and I certainly understand the never ending search for new, better flavors. Hell, I’M the guy that constantly gets suckered in line at Target into buying them! But this….this….container with things inside it….baffles me.
The concept: highbrow Tic Tacs. Cause the world really needed a more contemporary package for tic tacs, right? Oh, and, they also now need to be twice the size they used to be. And you can forget about them having any sort of breath freshening quality-these are a lame attempt at a candy, one that fails for several reasons.
The flavor starts out nice-a bit tart, perfume-y cherry. But that’s where the fun ends. The thing then gets bland, and almost oily tasting. The cherry flavor isn’t intense, it’s just chemical flavored fake cherry. And I honestly don’t know where the “chill” comes in-I really think its the packaging they’re referring to. And I think THEY think it’s super cool. It is fancy in that you have two ways to open it, (does anyone EVER utilize both of these options? “Hey, I’m alone! I’ll use the small opening! Wait a second…here comes my bro! I better switch the large one so we can really get our fingers into there! Yeah!”) but that’s about it.
Overall, I truly see these as nothing more than an excuse to try out new packaging. And why suddenly are they sugar free, with xylitol? Was the 4 calorie intake with real sugar just way too much for us to handle?
Overall, all I can say is “WTF”?

Bottom Line:

Unless you’re a packaging manufacturer trying to do research on the competition, (and really, not even then, people) skip this lame attempt and get some solid, old school orange Tic Tacs. You know you love them.



Zolli Candy

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  1. Eve

    Yum, orange Tic Tacs… Airheads orange taffy still beats them though!


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