Carambar Original

The caramel world was waiting for a hero: no, it's not the seal salt $3 thingy at the boutique store. It's a cheap, French classic.

Reviewed by Jonny

February 16, 2016


I don’t even know how or where I procured these, but I’m guessing someone gave them to me.  On that note, I love my friends. Never stop giving me candy, friends.  You keep rocking & I’ll keep rolling.

I’d never seen this behemoth of a bag before, but I could tell from the looks of it that it was likely caramel related. Because of the caramel word repeatedly printed on the bag.


My biggest beef with caramel- mass produced and boutique- is usually that it’s too soft.  For me, a soft caramel is like a too-crispy French fry: it’s “good”, but…it’s not what I wanted. In the French fry’s  case, I need that soft, fluffy inside.  And in the caramel’s case, I absolutely need at least somewhat of a tough chew. The tough chew offsets the very rich and sweet caramel taste, and let’s it aerate a bit in your cakehole. Usually though…I’m at least a little bit disappointed, as I rarely find a caramel that’s as stale-tough as I’d want.

No longer. Carmabar, a confection originating in France, is the answer. When I tried one of these, I literally did a double take, started hoo-hawing out loud, then realized no one else was around and that I was probably losing my shit completely.  When you’re commenting to an empty room about how impressed you are about the chew of a French caramel, you’ve got problems.


The other really interesting thing about these is that cocoa is one of the main ingredients ( in fact, they were created due to the confectioner having an excess of cocoa) which lends a slight but clear chocolate aspect to the candy.   See?


Sorry, hold on. See?


That’s some cocoa-infused shit right there, is what that is. Here’s the fun part: when I bent it in half to rip it in order to take a cross section photo, I couldn’t. And I don’t mean it just wasn’t easy: I mean I couldn’t rip it apart. Given, I’m a bit of weakling, but I can usually tear candy. This stuff is tough. Very chewy.


Nope, not a chihuahua poop, but rather some of the best chewy caramel I’ve ever had.  Best news?  It’s readily available on the Amazons!  Plus. They have several different flavor varieties, and most of them are available there as well

This one’s easy, people.  Click the link below, buy a bag, and go from there  These are a keeper.


Zolli Candy


  1. Jonny

    I know, I suck! And they’re lame “dad” jokes to boot, which I’m all about!

    I’ll start walking the shame route through town now…

  2. Rod

    You forgot to tell there’s a silly joke on every paper, or you didn’t look at the paper at all : SHAME


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