Candy People’s Sugar Free Line of Scandinavian Goodness

in what world has sugar free candy ever been good?

Reviewed by Jonny

September 21, 2018


Sugar free?  Really?

Really.  Some people avoid sugar for a variety of reasons.  Traditionally, these have been sweetened with artificial sweeteners, so savvy folks have generally stayed away.  That stuff will kill you.

However, Candy People, who make and distribute some of the best goodies we’ve ever had around here, decided to go in the natural direction, using Maltitol and Stevia. So we can feel good about eating this, but let’s clear one thing up: you can’t eat a couple bags of these and not gain weight: it doesn’t work that way.  There might be no sugar, and they might be less fat-making, but just go into it understanding that the point of these is to avoid sugar, not to be able to gorge the candy conscious-free.

We have 4 bags to dive into, all beautifully packaged.  We’ll start with the pigs.


Man, people love their marshmallow pigs, don’t they?


I’m not a marshmallow candy fan, but I have to say: these, for me, taste just like most of the varieties out there.  Some sort of berry tinged flavor, with the mallow shproing I expected.  Not bad.  In fact….dare I say tasty? I didn’t expect to like these, but it turns out I did. If you like marshmallow candy, I think you’ll like these.



Exotic Fruits.  This….was to be my shit.



More on the jelly side than gummy, I was ALL over these. Oddly though…they fell short for me.  Something about the flavor is flat.  Not bad, just not explosive.  The jelly thing….is actually more of a sticky thing. By no means are these “bad”, they just didn’t cut it for me. If I’m gonna go the non sugar route, I still have to love the taste and eating experience right?


But check it out.  Here’s where things get really good.


You know ’em, you love ’em: Swedish Fish.  There’s a lot riding on this one, people.

One word: exquisite.  I was floored by these! Legitimately, I might like these more than “normal” Swedish Fish.  Definitely more than the version we get in the states-but I’m saying I think I like them more than the actual Swedish version.  Dense, deep flavors, and a very authentic Swedish Fish-like jelly consistency….I loved these.  Will buy again.

But I saved the best for last.


Gummy Cola Bottles.


Nailed.  The look, the feel, the consistency, the eating experience.  If you gave these to any fan of gummy cola bottles, they’d never know they’re sugar free. Additionally the serving size on this particular bag is way bigger than the others, so you can get your gummy on guilt free in a big way with them.  These will be purchased again by me for sure.


So while it’s a mixed bag, I have to call this run of sugar free treats a success.  Usually you get off putting after tastes, weird mouthfeel, or just a bad product.  These are thoughtfully made-obviously by candy fanatics who didn’t want to settle. If for any reason you’re interested in sugar free candies, make SURE you check these out.

But seriously, while your’e doing that, also check out their normal line of candies with sugar.  I’m not using hyperbole when I say it’s among the best stuff I’ve ever had.  I’m also not using hyperbole because I don’t really understand what the word means.


Link below for Candy People’s Amazon store. They have sugar candies for sale, but not the sugar free yet. Rest easy, they’ll get there, just be patient!

Zolli Candy


  1. A

    Oh my God I had the worst reaction to the malitol in this. They have a freaking warning about it on their website!!! Wish there was something on the actual packaging. I seriously had to leave work, it was horrible. Minus 5 stars for these.

    • Jonny

      Yikes, sorry to hear it

    • Dawson

      Yeah it’s does tell you on package

  2. EatExploreEtc

    But… Maltitol? You didn’t have any unpleasant side effects? – No matter how nice they might be, nothing would convince me to go anywhere near with that ingredient being in the mix.

    • Jonny

      That’s a fair point. To answer your question, no. I didn’t have any side effects, and I ate a decent amount of each bag- at least 5-6 pieces of each- in one sitting.

      That doesn’t mean that YMMV though.


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