Candy People Sour Melon Logs

Get ready for Scandy, because it's coming for ya

Reviewed by Jonny

May 24, 2018


Oh you Candy People. Doing important work, importing the best of the best Scandinavian candies to us undeserving Yanks, and for what?  Do people know about Scando candy yet?  Do they know about you? What about Lördagsgodis? No. No they don’t.  No one gets it.

But us.  And we’re here to preach.  Check these out:

Right there, they win packaging of the year.  A mix of origami-like zen vibes, mixed with logs of melon.  I’ll take it.

A little back story: my seriously dangerous obsession with Scandy (can I just call it that now?) started as I watched a video on Youtube of a woman slowly eating a bowl of various different insane looking candies.  It’s an ASMR video.  Don’t get me started on that, it’s a whole other thing that’s truly crazy and awesome at the same time.  But this bowl of candy, it had at least 20 different kinds of candy including licorice, sours, gummies, chews, some chocolate.  And I wanted it.  Needed it. And yes, this video literally was just focused only on the bowl, as it got smaller and smaller, listening to this person talk about the candy and eat it.  It’s a mixed up world, friends.


But see, the thing is, this was somewhere around 2014 or 2015.  There was literally nowhere to get Scandy, save for one or two websites that were less than…straightforward.  Mrs. Guru pulled a cool move and tried to get me a mix from one of those sites, but it didn’t ship and…well, eventually I had to find other sources.  Since then, a wonderful store called Sockerbit has cropped up in New York and LA, and they exclusively sell Scandy.  They even sell the colorful bowls to eat the stuff out of. One of these days I’ll make it to one of them.

But then other sites slowly started cropping up.  And when I did my research and connected the dots, guess who was supplying these places (for the most part) with said Scandy?  That’s right.  The Candy People.  It’s about time they started selling this stuff directly, because more Scandy is good candy. (Feel free to use that). I also met a few of said Candy People at the Sweets & Snacks show in San Francisco last year, and let me tell ya…they really are good people.  Nice as hell.

Sour watermelon logs.  Here’s how they go down: it’s a chewy gummy exterior with a creamier inside filling, complete with a sugar dusting on the outside that might or might not be sour.  But sour these are, and in a great way.

Immediate watermelon flavor starts as you chew, and then the wave of “medium sour” hits you-enough to please sour fans, but definitely not enough to alienate those weirdos who are scared of sour.  Since these are a mostly soft candy, it’s a quick chew, but interestingly, the watermelon flavor really builds till the very end.  These are delicious. Add to this that these, like most Scandy, are relatively naturally made with little to no crap in them like GMO ingredients, high fructose corn syrup, etc.  A lot of it (not these) is colored and flavored completely naturally, which is always a great thing for me.


But these are new.  So new (to this packaging) that I can’t find a link for you guys-yet.  They’re often at World Market, but since you all don’t live in my town, we clearly need an online spot to procure from.  There’s a link below that will take you to Amazon’s Candy People page where you can get their real Swedish Fish (my brother’s fave and he’s a HUGE Swedish Fish fan) and Dala horses-and my money is on these logs being there quite soon.


If nothing else, start thinking about Scandy, because I can honestly tell you that it’s at the top of the mountain when it comes to my favorite kinds of candy.  Yes, Germany still kicks major ass, but…watch ya back, son.  There’s a new(ish) player in town.



Zolli Candy


  1. MaryEllen

    I buy (almost) everything you recommend. I’ll be waiting for this one!

    • Jonny Guru

      Awww. Thanks! You won’t be disappointed in this one.


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