Candy Farm 3 Color Coconut Neapolitan Coconut Slice

Few things use coconut in a pure, simple form as well as this does

Reviewed by Jonny

October 1, 2015



Friesenger’s is an Ohio based candy company that has a few subsidiary candy brands: one of them is “Candy Farm”.  This is important because they make one of the tastiest candies around, and have been doing for eons.
Like coconut?  You’re in for a treat.  Don’t?  Go take a long walk on the nearest beach (wait until dusk) and ask yourself a few hard hitting questions: Why?  What’s wrong with me?  Why do I THINK I don’t like coconut, even though some part of my brain knows that secretly I’d love it if I gave MYSELF A GODDAMN CHANCE?

So Candy Farm.  All the Gurus-Matty’s family, my family, and even dumb ‘ol Scotty, who we kicked out years ago after his disturbing lack of devotion to the craft was exposed,  were in Lake Tahoe together to celebrate the fourth of July.  Turns out it’s just like the fourth of July near my house, who knew?  But when we’re in Tahoe, we always go to Tahoe City Chocolates.  It’s not just a good local candy store-it’s run by a candy psychotic named AK (I say that lovingly) who knows what’s up.  He stocks things from around the world to the point where I always learn about new candies when I’m there.  AK always throws new candies at us (literally) and this time was no exception.  He simply asked me “do you like coconut”, to which I replied something like “do I look like I’ve lost my mind? OF COURSE I DO.”  He then gave me a bite of this:


Oh, I know your game, AK.  Give them a bite, then they buy a bar.  Well it worked.  I’d seen this thing in small shops time and again, but I’d never bought one.  Let me tell you all something: it’s glorious.


Just like the ice cream neapolitan variety, this has coconut with slight tinges of vanilla, chocolate & strawberry flavors.


And that’s it.  It’s just like a denser center of a Mounds, but with some flavor varieties.  It’s tough, chewy, and more than anything else, extremely coconut-y.  The coconut tastes very real, very chewy and …amazing.


Click the link to pick up a box from Amazon, or better, if you’re in Tahoe, go visit AK and spend some time in his store.  But definitely pick some of these up if you’re coconut nut, and I guess, if you’re not…just know that I still love you.  But I’m very angry at you.

Zolli Candy


  1. Linda

    Just found some at corner family dollar. I didn’t even know these were still around. Well I’m now!

  2. Alicia

    Are you serious? Did you write God D$@n

    Wow, I would never buy anything from yal. Try being a good example, not cursing God

    • Deneil

      youre a tool. Besides, theyre not selling anything.

      • Matty

        THANk you.

  3. Jonny


    There’s a link at the bottom of the review page for purchase. Enjoy!

  4. Shirley McCaslin

    Can’t find where to buy them at

  5. Shirley McCaslin



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