Candemina sour gummies: Japanese Beverage Candies

if you love to eat food based on drinks, this is for you.

Reviewed by Jonny

August 20, 2016


What the hell is going on with this packaging?


We have what appears to be sour gummies based on 3 flavors of popular Japanese beverages: cola, tutti-frutti ramune (Japanese soda), and…an energy drink.  Fine, that I can understand.  But what’s homeboy doing at the top right?  And why is he extremely stereotypically Mexican looking? Who or what is he shaking his maracas at?  Is he happy, extremely angry, or faded on the drugs?  I have more questions than answers.

The gummies themselves are crazy precise looking:


I’m not sure why, but those three colors together look really cool to me.  And the squiggly aspect is pretty original.



As for the taste, these are good. For those that have had Japanese sour gummies before, these will taste familiar.  The cola is a very nice effervescent cola flavor. The tutti fruity ramune (blue) is good, but it’s not really my favorite flavor. It’s so prevalent in Japanese candies that I’m used to it, but it wouldn’t be my first choice. Still though, it’s good. The yellow candy is the most vexing, as it’s based on a popular energy drink. I guess it’s fine, but it doesn’t stand out as being super remarkable to me.


I love the look and feel of these more than the taste, but they’re certainly quite yummy.  The thing is, I can’t find anything online that proves they exist. There’s a few other Candemina varieties, but not this one. But if you wanna get in on this style of weirdness, click the link below.

Zolli Candy


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