Cadbury Dairy Milk Marvellous Creations

Finally, putting the reputation of Cadbury chocolate to the test

Reviewed by Jonny

October 29, 2015



Dude Cadbury!


Why does everyone freak out over Cadbury?  It’s the best chocolate, nothing compares, Americans suck, I hate my life. I’m always hearing all of this. Then I’d hear that the Cadbury we get in the states isn’t the same, leaving me in a semi permanent, forced state of ignorant non-bliss.  This is how I live.


Over time, I’d get the occasional taste of a Cadbury Caramel bar, and man…that delivers. Very tasty. But all of the sudden, I got these three bars from my friend in Paris, so now…I’m the judge.


There’s three varieties of these “Dairy Milk” “Marvelous Creations”: banana caramel crisp, cookie nut crunch, and jelly popping candy. As you can see above, they all sorta look the same, albeit stuffed with different crap.  And what’s with the “Dairy Milk” qualifier?  Were they concerned that we’d think these were made with cat milk?  Breast milk? Or (shudder) almond milk?  I’m pretty sure we’re all on the same page re: cows.


First up, the one that sounded the best: banana caramel crisp. How do you say…..not good. What a disappointment: not overly banana-y, I got no caramel, and it wasn’t that crispy. What I did get a healthy dose of though was the milk chocolate. Didn’t do it for me. This has gotta be the janky version of Cadbury chocolate that they send to the states, even though this was procured in Europe.  Gotta be.  It’s just not special, all apologies to everyone single person in the UK.


Next up, the bar that sounded better than the alternative, “cookie nut crunch”. Same EXACT feedback as the first one. Guys, I like chocolate. But I didn’t have a second bite of either of these bars. Not enough flavor or contrast. Just a sweet, sludgy mess.


Wanting to to be done with it, I finally opened the jelly popping candy. Now…hold the phone.  This one was interesting.

I guess I should have figured it out from the name, but it’s basically got small jelly beans in it as well as popping candy. This made for an extremely fun contrast: smooth chocolate, chewy jelly, and then an onslaught of popping candy. This I could get behind.


And then hen the next thing I knew, I had eaten the whole bar. Honestly, it wasn’t because of the chocolate though. It was fine, but the candy inside really worked great together. I’d buy this bar again if I found it locally, but the other two?  Not a chance.

Zolli Candy


  1. Kim

    They have them in Canada as I got all 3 for my granddaughter to try last summer. 2017

  2. Bee

    Marvellous Creations is also sold in Canada. I agree with your post. I love the Popping Candy bar; the other two are nothing to write home about.

  3. dithmer

    It says Dairy Milk because that’s the name of Cadbury’s milk chocolate bar – a Dairy Milk. And the Marvellous Creations line is only being sold in Europe, so I don’t know if you could have gotten the American version. They don’t seem to make it here. American Cadbury chocolate is made by Hershey’s, but it appears they don’t make the Marvellous Creations line.


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