British Old Fashioned Boiled Sweets: Episode 3

Part 3 of our boiled sweets master class

Reviewed by Jonny

October 19, 2018


Thanks for staying with us on this sweet, tangy, and sometimes odd journey we’re taking through the world of boiled sweets. We continue this week with 3 more widely known varieties: mint humbugs, fizz balls, and chocolate limes.


The only humbugs I’d ever had were sugar free, but still really good.  Slightly minty with a caramel overtone, they were silky and delicious.  These were a bit more on the extreme side of mint.

Really, what I was getting was straight up peppermint. An extremely mild buttery vibe was almost present, but not really.  Frankly, I was a bit disappointed, until I got a bit deeper into it.  The center of these things is where the contrast is-I bit into it, and there was a salty, caramel buttery flavored delight.  And that combo-the caramel and mint-albeit relatively uncommon-is great.  I wish these had all the flavors present the entire time, but it is a nice surprise ending. Overall though, not the most memorable boiled sweet I’ve had.

Oh, chocolate limes.  I’ve been wanting to try these for well over three years, because they simply sounded amazing to me.  I like good lime flavor with anything, certainly with chocolate.

Yes, yes, yes, a million times, yes.


The headline here is absolutely perfect tart lime flavor.  In fact, if this was just a lime hard candy, I’d still love it.  But nooooo. This guy has a surprise ending, some sort of chocolate-type filling. Clearly not real chocolate, and also not a lot of it, it’s still a nice combination with the lime.

I really, really loved these, especially the lime flavor.


Fizz balls.  One of the things that brought me towards this multi part review is fizz balls, and the struggle of me trying to get them.  I don’t even remember when I first tried them, but a fizzy hard candy?  Sour?  Check.


Although they come in much more unique flavors, this is a pretty basic variety: strawberry, lemon, orange, blackcurrant, apple. It’s a hard candy to be sure, but almost immediately you get a little fizz action.  I think it’s from the bicarbonate in them.  I found that some of the flavors had a more explosive center than others, but all of them are a darn delight.  Sour, good strong flavors, and varying degrees of fizz.  There’s nothing here I don’t like. Warning, they can kinda tear up your tongue a la warheads, because you suck on them for so long.

But that’s showbiz, folks.


After three weeks of reviewing these candies, it really seems like the vast majority are quite good, very unique candies.  Almost none of which have been copied in the states, for reasons that are beyond me.  We have one, maybe two more parts in this series, with the most iconic of all boiled sweets coming up.  In the meantime, please check out They have such an amazing wide variety of British sweets, obviously including everything we’ve reviewed thus far.  You really should give them a chance if you want to get yourself a slice of jolly old England.

Zolli Candy


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