We may be sour, but we know our sweets.

British Old Fashioned Boiled Sweets, Episode 2


Let’s get straight to it, as we have a fine grouping to talk about this week.  These first ones I’d had before and knew they’d be good.


Pear drops, northern or just plain old pear, are a boiled sweets staple.  These particular ones don’t have a strong dusting on the outside, so it makes for some sticky candy.

They’re not small.  But man, are they delicious.  The only candy I can compare them to is pear Jelly Bellies-that’s the trueness of their flavor.  And while they’re big, they certainly didn’t last as long in my mouth as I thought they would.  I couldn’t resist biting them after a while and I make no apologies for it.  These are a boiled sweets stalwarts for a reason.  They’re great.


Ooh, acid drops.  I knew what I was getting into here, as I’d had these before too-just not this brand. Again, these were a hit as well.


Not Warheads sour, but kinda close.  Warheads though, they attack, then they turn to shit.  No sourness at all, just a sweet hard candy.  These acid drops do not do that: they start super sour, then fade to strong tart and stay there for the duration.  The flavor is lemon, and they’re a delight.  I’d choose these as my preferred sour lemon hard candies clearly over Warheads, but even over Nobel Sour Lemon, which have been at the top of the heap for a while.  The continuous sour flavor that doesn’t quit is what makes these win, as well as a really nice natural lemon flavor.

I’d saved these next one for last, as I was absolutely positive that they’d be the weak link.  Yes, they’re pretty and handmade looking, and I do dig that.  But the majority of candies made in this fashion that I’ve had are relatively boring tasting.


I was completely off the mark.  In fact, not just for me, but for my friends at work, this bag became the treasure.


Here’s the deal: each of those different colored lovelies are flavored differently.  From orange clove to dandelion and burdock, these flavor combos are NONSANE.  Each and every one was interesting and different.  What does dandelion and burdock taste like, you ask?  Heaven, more or less.  I don’t even know how to describe it, it’s one of those unique flavors that just…is what it is.  But i never would have guessed that they were that good.

There’s all sorts of other flavors, and yes, they’re sticky and kind of crumbly, and dammit that makes me love them more.  I have a few friends that loved these so much, they’re putting in a big order to satisfy their craving they didn’t even know they had a week ago.


This is why I wanted to do this boiled sweets write up.  Most people I know say they don’t like hard candy.  While I don’t get that even if your only resource is American sweets, tasting these kinds of UK candies really is a different thing.  The flavors are true-and I don’t know if that’s because the UK has more stringent food requirements (i.e., you can’t use a many chemicals) or if it’s just that they have better taste, or if they don’t mind spending more on natural ingredients to make better candy.  Either way, this product-all of these candies-are special.

Of course the rub on all of this is that there’s no “easy” way to get these.  Except, there is.  You can check out AQuarterof (link below) and pony up for the shipping.  Yes, it’s pricey because they’re kinda far away.  But trust me friends when I say it’s so worth it.


Episode 3 coming next week.  Spoiler alert: FIZZ BALLS.

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