Black Jack: I’m supposed to love these, but…

who thought these tasted god enough to mass produce?

Reviewed by Jonny

August 8, 2017


Usually, I adore every single old school British boiled sweet I come across. Sherbet Lemons? Liked ’em before Harry. Rhubarb Custard? By the pound. Cola cubes? Please. Ya don’t have to ask. Among these staples is this old school treat, Black Jack.


What we have here is your basic log of chews.  In this instance, …they’re black.


All of this is good so far.  Even the scary look.

For me though, …what’s not good is the taste.  Instantly off-putting, I couldn’t figure it out at first.  Licorice? No.  You guys know I wouldn’t be mad at that.  Black Currant?  See my prior response.  And then it hit me…it’s anise flavored.


Anise is a plant.  You  might be thinking “oh right, that’s the one that tastes like licorice”.  Nope, that’d be licorice.  Or even fennel.  Anise is just…rough. It’s a bitter and odd flavor, one that always leaves me put off.  The wrapper might say new “improved”, but they’re liars.  These things are just an assault, and not in any sort of good way, UNLESS you’re an anise person.  And if you are, you for sure already know about these, don’t you?

I remember reviewing spogs a while back and HATING them.  Those are reserved for a darker corner of hell than these, but man….I just don’t dig these.  And being mister “complicated flavors licorice loving” dude, I knew I was supposed to like them.  But I don’t, I won’t, I can’t, and I never will.

But hey, don’t let that dissuade you.  Click away and indulge your complicated tastes below.



Zolli Candy


  1. sweetieman

    When they changed the recipe a couple of years ago it went a bit “Pete Tong”. In all fairness you need to try aniseed balls or aniseed twists, both boiled sweets, to give the flavour a fair go. Black Jacks have always been a love`em or hate`em type sweet. Have you tried the Fruit Salad Chews yet that are most often paired with them?

    • Jonny

      I’m game. As for fruit salad, yes, I quite enjoy those. Also, drumsticks, which I find kinda similar are delicious.

  2. Matty

    I’m surprised actually. I love Black Jacks. A staple when I was living in Cardiff. I think you need to try these again and DONT QUESTION IT. Although… maybe they’re new and UNimproved.


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