Belgian milk chocolate Mega-Coin. Who wants one?

bigger is...always better, amiright?

Reviewed by Jonny

December 8, 2015


I don’t have enough coin.  You don’t have enough coin I’m guessing.  This time of year, NO ONE ever has enough coin.  It’s time to coin up, friends.

RM Palmer has a new product which should address this problem once and for all.  Check it:


It’s like Hannukah gelt, but not just for Jews!


What’s that you say?  What’s the big deal, it’s just another foil covered piece of chocolate?  Well, in addition to being high quality Belgian milk chocolate (and you can taste the difference), this one is…a bit bigger than normal.  Let’s use a quarter, a real quarter, for reference:


ya feelin’ me?  THIS COIN IS GIGANTOR.  Let’s disrobe it.


It’s kind of beautiful, how detailed the molding is.  Dounce chins never looked so glorious.

If you like good milk chocolate-which, let’s face it, is most people do, despite there being a lot of dark chocolate snobbery going on these days-you’re gonna love this.  And what’s not to love?  It’s quirky, it’s gigantic, and it’s chocolate.  The chocolate has a rich creaminess to it that harkens me back to the old school. It’s very good.

You can click the link below to find out where to pick up a few for yourself….


….OR….you can just have one!  That’s right freaks, we’re giving away 2 of these bad boys, just in time for the holidays.  We here at Candy Gurus like to think we’re different than other review sites, in that we don’t think it’s fun, cool or interesting to make our readers do stupid shit to win things. So all you’re gonna need to do is super simple: make sure you’re following us on Twitter & Instagram .  When you see the giveaway post about these Mega coins go live on those social media sharing annoying yet neccessary formats, like it & leave a comment-could be funny, could be snarky-get creative.  We’ll pick one winner from Instagram & one from Twitter, but remember: you have to be following us on both to qualify.


The holidays & chocolate have been going together forever.  If you want to be the badass at your party/office borefest “party”/just you, alone, sitting with your cats on the couch, then the Mega coin is the answer.

Good luck!

Zolli Candy


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