Bears & Friends Ginger Chewy Gummy Things

I was absolutely blown away when I received this bag of candy from my friends Susie. I mean…just look at it. It takes big balls to market something that looks like…..this:



Brown….French fry shaped things. With no description whatsoever on the front of the bag. Bravo, guys!

I don’t read German, so I had no idea what flavor these were (there’s a small amount o r text on the back of the bag). Once I opened them…a waft of ginger poured out, so I knew I was dealing with something fun.




Ginger fries.

I found them delicious. Not too spicy, but definitely teeming with real ginger flavor. They’re not traditional gummy consistency, you can bite through them relatively easily. Also, I felt like there might be some cola flavor there too, but I’m not sure on that one.


Jonny Jr. Liked these. Mrs. Guru did not. I brought them to work, and generally speaking, everyone loved them. So I’m officially endorsing them, although I have no idea what they’re called. I’ve had a few things from Bears & Friends, and I love what they do-like Jelly Belly, they go nuts with flavor, and aren’t afraid to use spicy notes liberally.



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