Barrels of Yum

Old school barrels that deliver decidedly new school flavors.

Reviewed by Jonny

June 28, 2016


I’m sucking on a  banana cream pie barrel right now.  Also, that’s one of the more mainstream flavors in this awesome variety pack of yum that we received from  They sell these barrels in single flavors, as well as this assortment.  And no, I’m not giving them a fun name that I think is appropriate, they’re called “Barrels of Yum”:


I couldn’t really be sure exactly how many flavors I got-because they come in a  LOT of flavors.  Nor was i sure why a few of them had print on the wrappers while the rest didn’t.  That’s detective work, and I was there to eat.  So I parsed the selection down to what I think are the flavors I received in my variety pack:

This is where things got interesting.  I’m going to break down the flavors, one by one, starting from top left all the way down to bottom right.



First up: Sour watermelon.  Tangy, but not overly “candy” watermelon tasting.  I don’t think I’d call it sour, but compared to the others, I think it might be.

The second one, judging from their website was either green apple, or dilly dally (dill pickle).  I was praying it was dill, but…it’s mint.  Straight up spearmint.  I’m not sure how this is possible, but hey, …I’m going with it.

Purple one in the top middle is grape soda.  Delightful.  Just fruity enough, slightly tart, really delicious.

On the right of that, we have either Chai tea, macaroon cookie, or maybe apple pie.  Honestly, it tasted like brown sugar or molasses to me, so again, color me slightly confused.

Top right we get old faithful: root beer float.  Creamy, sweet, not a lot of spice, but still yummy.

Bottom left is the banana cream pie.  Very nice, actually.  I didn’t get a ton of banana flavor, but I got a nice creamy confection vibe, and I liked it.

Blue guy is blueberry crumble, and it’s freaking delicious.  It literally tastes like I’m eating a blueberry cobbler and I don’t want it to ever end.

Old Red is hot cinnamon.  And I am DOWN with this.  For those that crave true heat, look elsewhere, I feel it’s mid-range spicy, but the effect works, and the flavor is delicious.

Last up is orange cream.  Tastes exactly like you’d think, very sweet and smooth, with just a hint of tanginess.


You guys know me-I’m a hard candy fan.  I just like the old school aspect of it, the fact that one has to be creative to actually make an impression with a hard candy these days, and I like the idea of being able to throw some in my pocket for later & not have crap all over my pocket if it’s hot out.  Im talking to you, gummies.

But even though I dig hards, I’m not an apologist-you gotta come at me with something interesting and delicious for me to really care, and I care about these!  Here’s some individually available flavors that I didn’t get and really would love to try:

clear licorice

strawberry ice cream

green apple

peach cobbler

ginger beer

black cherry cordial

apple pie

chai tea?

dilly dally


That should give you an idea of the riches there are yet to discover.  Anyone who makes ginger beer & dill flavored candies is ayeet in my book for sure.


Lastly, know this about they sell FAR more than nuts.  In fact, they sell my favorite candy of all time right here.  There’s tons of great stuff on their site, but while you’re there, definitely check out some of these barrels.  I’m not sure if the assorted flavors is the best way to go for you, but you’ll figure it out.

I trust you.

Zolli Candy


  1. Randy

    How many carbs are each piece

  2. Zackery Fretty

    Thanks for giving us such a positive review!

    You did a great job guessing the flavors, but, I can settle the mystery of the one you’re unsure of. We occasionally do seasonal or limited run flavors that are only made in small batches (so they never make the website!) and they have a tendency to get stashed in our general assorted bin if we have any left over.

    A little while ago we did a very small run of Maple Syrup, so, the molasses and brown sugar taste you got would fit the bill for that! 🙂

    • Jonny

      Zackery, you’re a legend! Thanks for the info. Still can’t wait to try some of those wackier flavors….


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