Barratt Refreshers Softies Minis

They're small. And soft. But are they really?

Reviewed by Jonny

August 8, 2019


That’s a LOT of words for a candy name. Yet the bag is super small. Do you see the internal struggle here?

These aren’t exactly a new release, but perhaps they’re new to you? With no artificial flavors or colors, I present to you softies minis.


As you can probably surmise, these fall into the marshmallow category of sweets, perhaps my least favorite. However, instead of soft and gooey like you might be thinking, these are harder and more or less dry inside. They have the signature Refreshers “fizz” which is more or less like the inside of a Zotz, but not nearly as intense.

The flavors are orange, lime, lemon and raspberry. And they’re all pretty decent, but nothing’s outstanding. I think if you have nostalgia for Barratt Refreshers in general, you might dig these. If not? Then you’ll be glad that they’re not really that easy to acquire stateside.



Overall a decent member of the Refreshers line, but not super memorable.

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