Aunty Alice’s Apricots – Oddly Disturbing?

Ladies & germs, give it up for The Candy Gurus’ first South African candy review! Thanks to world traveller Lori K, we now have complete global domination, which is nice.

Check out the “foam apricots” from Now-freed-Nelson-Mandela-Land:

Am I alone in being creeped out by the font and drawings?

There’s just something that screams “we have children hostage in our factory making “candy”. They also clean the place and do the “art”.

This could just be me though.

Ahh, they’re darling. (I just creeped you out, didn’t I?). But they are cute in that they represent the actual dimpled shape of an apricot. But foam? The only way to know, is to try…

On first taste, you get a bit of the sheen they coat this thing with. You know what I’m talking about, it’s the protective wax/dirt/poison they put on apples and other shiny candies to make them LOOK good, which actually makes them TASTE like ass. Smart, right? But then, a gentle, sweet apricot flavor starts, which is nice.

Then shit starts gettin’ REAL. The thing basically implodes in your mouth, dissolving in on itself. While it does this, you get a ton of the “foam” flavor, which is super (too) sweet. The foam is more of a gritty sugary thing (think slghtly denser “peeps” that’s dissolving). At this point, it’s a sugar overload, and doesn’t really feature the apricot flavor as much.

These are weird. Great for kids, especially mine. He marveled at how he could break it apart in two equal pieces without even using a knife. I didn’t have the heart to tell the kid he’s not special. I could totally kick his ass in a fist fight, let’s just get that out of the way right now-I’m stronger than him.

Look, the bottom line on these Apricot things is that they’re kind of a fun novelty, but I’m not into them. Too sweet, too “peepy”, and damn it, too disturbing with the weird pervy comic sans font.

However, should you want to give them a test spin, buy them here.

6 thoughts on “Aunty Alice’s Apricots – Oddly Disturbing?

  1. haha, I don’t might want to cut the kid down to size, I’d hate to see how big his head gets if given a pre-sectioned chocolate bar.

    was the interior sort of like a circus peanut?

  2. They taste kind of like a cross between the fondant eggs that come out at Easter, and a  jelly bean. Kind of like a gum ball to start off…

    They’re not too sweet, you’re not African enough. 😛

  3. Where can I get the recipe – my daughter just brought some from South Africa- sorry to say I finished the whole packet while I was reading .
    I would love to make my own?!!

  4. You get several different brands of these sweets in SA. This sounds like you got one of the less yum ones, lol, though they’re all quite sweet. The best ones shouldn’t fizzle the way you’ve described; they should be a little like cream gummies on the inside, if that makes any shred of sense. Woolworths has some really great ones if you’re interested in trying again

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