Arnold’s Crispy Peanut Brittle: nomnomnomnom…

Do you like peanuts? Salt? Sweetness? What the HELL are you waiting for?

Dudes. Seriously. Watch, learn, and then buy. This is some serious stuff, it totally blew me away…

Zolli Candy


  1. Name

    I will never buy their candy again !!! tThe chocolate peanut brittle was double the price from last year, and the chocolate tasted cheap and waxy . For the price I paid I would have expected them to use fine quality chocolate !!

  2. oompa loompa guru

    I just purchased some peanut brittle. It was awful. It was not as thin and the peanuts don’t taste the same. It is not Quality at its best as they claim. I found out the reason for the poor quality was that the Arnold family had sold it to someone who has no experience in the candy making business. Big mistake.

  3. The Real Candy Guru

    I think that the Arnold family needs to buy the place back. The new owners are ruining the Arnold name. I don’t think that they know how to make the quality products that the Arnold family made. Definately not the same!!!!!

  4. Name can’t replicate greatness.

  5. candy girl

    The kid was right candy doesn’t taste good… was better when the original owners had it .That was good candy !!!

  6. Matty

    I want some of that brittalia


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