Arnold’s Crispy Peanut Brittle: nomnomnomnom…

Dudes. Seriously. Watch, learn, and then buy. This is some serious stuff, it totally blew me away…

6 thoughts on “Arnold’s Crispy Peanut Brittle: nomnomnomnom…

  1. I think that the Arnold family needs to buy the place back. The new owners are ruining the Arnold name. I don’t think that they know how to make the quality products that the Arnold family made. Definately not the same!!!!!

  2. I just purchased some peanut brittle. It was awful. It was not as thin and the peanuts don’t taste the same. It is not Quality at its best as they claim. I found out the reason for the poor quality was that the Arnold family had sold it to someone who has no experience in the candy making business. Big mistake.

  3. I will never buy their candy again !!! tThe chocolate peanut brittle was double the price from last year, and the chocolate tasted cheap and waxy . For the price I paid I would have expected them to use fine quality chocolate !!

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