Altoids Ginger – Darn goood, but ultimately who cares?

A mint isn’t really a “candy”, is it?  Regardless of how good it is, it’s still not fun.  No one camps out in front of a bad horror movie with a tin of mints, do they?  If they do, I don’t want to hang out with that person.  It’s just weird.


Having said that, there’s a time and place for everything.  The occasional mint at work, or in the car, or after you get pulled over in the car after drinking 3 beers at the Giants game – those sorts of occasions are fitting.  And if you’re gonna eat a mint, why not make it minteresting?  OH I AM GOOD!!!



Love ’em or hate ’em, Altoids have been around for a long time. Once curiously strong, they’re not that curious anymore. But they’re good, there’s no denying that. I picked up the ginger variety recently, and here’s my verdict: They’re good. Nay – damn good.

When you pop one in the soup sucker, an immediate rush of spice floods your mouth. It’s not overwhelming, but it’s spicy, and it’s there. The great thing about this flavor is it really harkens to ginger beer, which I love. But here’s the thing that confuses me : aren’t “mints” supposed to give you clean, fresh breath? Isn’t that the point? Cause…these might make your mouth feel spicy, but they sure don’t do much else. Unless you like ginger breath.

So basically, …I’m confused. I like these, but not enough to eat a bunch like a bonafide candy sesh. Yet, they aren’t viable “mints” in my opinion, so what are they? Someone help me out with this one. In the meantime, I’ll just say that they deliver in the taste dept. You can buy them almost anywhere, but if you’re a shut-in or being crushed by your hoarding and can’t get out of the house, use this link



3 thoughts on “Altoids Ginger – Darn goood, but ultimately who cares?

  1. I’m afraid if I buy these then the UPS guy will see my tunnels of trash in the living room. Gonna have to leave these on my computer screen I’m afraid, until my social worker assigns a relative to help clean up my place while I cry over over my 10000-used soup can collection and the authorities pay 1-800-Got-Junk to come over and clean out the entire trailer

  2. oh, that was you matty. hahaha. i love ginger, so i had to try the altoids…about five yrs ago when i first saw ’em. i loved the spicy oomph, but damnit i havent seen them since. i hope yall realize what an amazingly candy conscious part of the states it is in which you abide and gnaw all that bad ass candy.

  3. 16Jul2020

    I could only find this in one place & if memory serves me correctly, it was Atwood’s. They’d probably still be making these if I lived near an Atwood’s. I love the ginger altoids! I love ginger. It’s a shame they quit making these. What’s up with that? What’s wrong with the rest of America? I guess they don’t like a real flavor, like this. They can’t hack it.

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