Alpenbauer Mango-Orange “Klassik” Bonbons

If they sold these at Walgreens, I'd be in trouble.

Reviewed by Jonny

August 13, 2014


Alpenbauer has a whole line of filled hard candies that basically rock.  And here’s the latest I’ve tried, Mango-Orange.


I like the heavy-duty thicker paper bag.  Lends itself well to travel.


Nothing too special visually, as you can see.


They taste really good though.  You get quite a bit of mango flavor, but it’s not too edgy-the orange comes in and mellows everything out.  After a while, you get to the soft insides, and get a fun chewy finish.  It’s a bit sticky on the teeth, but not too bad.

They make a lot of flavors, including orange-lime-ginger, which I’ll review next.  They also have some odder flavors, like herbs, etc, that we’ll check out down the road.


Pop one in your mouth, and picture yourself in “The Sound Of Music”, twirling among the grassy knolls.

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