Aloha! FruitGo Pineapple Hard Candies

Pineapple hard candy, not bad at all...

Reviewed by Jonny

February 25, 2009


Aloha, freaks! Greetings once again from Kauai. In the spirit of eating locally, I present to you a new (to me) hard candy called “FruitGo”.  Please forgive the janky picture, I never claimed to be a photologist.

They’re small, bite sized hard candies in tropical fruit flavors. If memory serves, there’s mango, lychee, melon, strawberry, and the bag I bought, pineapple. I’m a pretty huge pineapple freak, so I was interested to see how they handled the flavor, as always. Would it be to sweet?  At all tart?

The answers are no and no. It certainly could have handled a scoche more tartness, but overall, this is a solid, fruit tasting bite of love. The candies aren’t ultra hard, so you can crunch it up if you feel like it, unlike something like a Jolly Rancher that could possibly smash your molars if you attempted that.

I’m not gonna lie and say these fit into my honor list of best hard candies, cause they don’t. However, they’re tasty, they taste like pineapples, and you certainly get plenty in a bag.

Bottom Line : Sure, why not? I probably won’t finish the bag, but my whole crew seems to enjoy them, and so do I. On to the next island treat!




Zolli Candy


  1. Cen

    Where did you buy this? Please tell me!

  2. Debbie

    I just tracked these done for my wedding. I love the melon ones! The strawberry is just ok.


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