Alcoholic Gummy Bears

What's not to like about boozy Gummy Bears?

The bears themselves aren’t alcoholics-or maybe they are.  I don’t know them.  But it’s that they’re MADE with alcohol.

Just think, now we can combine our two favorite activities (eating candy & gettin’ turnt) into one! I present to you, Baked NC’s boozy bears.

Gorgeous to behold, we had 3 interesting varieties to choose from: Sangria, Margarita, and Cinnamon Whiskey. Just look at these colors:

BakedNC is a small company doing something different, and as you should know by now, that’s important to us.  Also, we do drink our fair share, so this assignment was like a bird in the hand type situation.

The first thing that was abundantly clear was that these are in fact made with real alcohol-you can smell it, in a good way. The second thing is that, if you’re expecting a Haribo type consistency, you’re not gonna get it.  These fall in the more gelatin vibed gummy world.  Not a lot of chew, so if that’s your thing, these might not be the bears you’re looking for.  If you’re flexible, then read on.


Hey, you’re flexible!

The sangria flavored bears were #3 in taste for me.  I think the potency of wine (being less than liquor) was reflected in the taste. So while they’re definitely fruity wine flavored, I just didn’t get quite enough of it.  But I could look at that purple color all day.

The margarita bears got me going a bit more. Again, I could have used a bit more punch of flavor, but to be fair, my taste buds are kinda jacked to hell.  At this point, I’ve stuffed so much sour candy & chile peppers into my cake hole that it takes bold flavors to wake me a lot of the time.  But the citrus and tequila notes were neat to find in a candy.

My favorite booze happens to be bourbon.  I started with Scotch back in the day, and somehow found my home in the spicy, warm, sweet confines of the bourbon world.  These cinnamon whiskey bears definitely have a bourbon vibe.  In fact, I’d go so far as to say that they’d be a fun pairing with nice draw of Michters or Four Roses, or even Knob Creek.  Previously, I had settled on Red Vines being the perfect bourbon candy, and while it still is #1 for me, I think these would be a fun addition to the table for a night of (controlled) whiskey drinking.


Here’s the deal: these aren’t going to unseat Haribo or Albanese as your new favorite gummy bears.  That’s not what they’re about.  These are about a fun, novel sweet to unleash on your friends at a gathering.

Word of warning, I’d skip any vodka flavored candy in general, because vodka is the worst.  Seriously, vodka is alcohol for people who don’t like alcohol.


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