Albanese Chocolate & Sea Salt covered English Toffee

Get your pencils out, kids, because you're gonna wanna take note of these. More importantly, get your credit cards out, because buying these is a must.

I stumbled upon these things using  Candyjar’s excellent website-If you haven’t tried them, you really should.  It’s a great way to keep the candies you love coming, as well as to find new favorites, which is what I’m about to get into.  When I ordered from, I decided to take a flier on some chocolate covered toffee with seal salt, in both dark & milk chocolate varieties.  How bad could they be, right?  This is what they look like:


The first thing you’ll notice is that there’s a liberal amount of salt on them.  The second thing hopefully, is that the salt aint small.  It’s larger, thicker sized chunks.  Look at the top edges of each piece-you can see the salt popping up.  That should give you a good idea about the toothsome quality it has.  But before we go any further-


You guys know me.  I’m not a chocolate guy.  We don’t review a lot of chocolate, and when we do, it’s usually Matty doing the writing.  I strongly dislike truffles, and chocolate bars are only on my craving radar if they’re chock full of yummy extras.  I like chocolate per se, but it’s just not high enough on my favorites list to eat that often.  Toffee however?  That’s a different story.  I’m talking about hard, buttery, slightly salty toffee.  I love it.  But not all toffee is created equal.  Take See’s Candy’s take on it for instance: garbage.  Sorry Sees, but yer slippin’.

Almond Roca?  Meh.  No, I don’t want or need nuts on my toffee.  But chocolate?  High quality chocolate?  Yes, please.  It adds a creamy rich layer that is just perfect with the hard toffee.  What seals the deal though, is this salt.  Sure, these days every piece of boutique chocolate seemingly has sea salt on it-and I’m not complaining, that’s a good thing.  The salt strongly helps to pull out & accentuate the other flavors.  But some salt is too fine, so it doesn’t add to the texture party.  Other salt is too sparse, so it doesn’t season properly.  The salt on these though?  Absolutely spot-on perfect.


I spoke to the guys at to find out who made these incredible things they sent me-and much to my surprise, they told me they’re made by a chocolatier who supplies Albanese candies.  You remember Albanese, right?  They make what are possibly better gummy bears than Haribo.  I said possibly.  Anyhow, they’re a wonderful company, and that’s where I got these.

I’m going to be extremely clear: this is the best toffee I’ve ever had, and I’ve had a lot.  It checks every box I have for the toffee experience: crunchy, silky, smooth, creamy, salty, amazing. If you were to go into any chocolatier in San Francisco who made something like this, each one would be at LEAST 2 dollars.  That’s a fact.  These though? $10.99 a POUND.  So not only are these the best chocolate toffee I’ve ever had, they’re also incredibly cheap.  I can’t really say anything else about these aside from:


  1. I love them
  2. Mrs. Jonny Guru, if you want a new stocking stuffer for me, this is it
  3. I don’t tend to share these with people because why would I?


I actually love the fact that these are from a pretty major candy company and not a local place.  That means we can get them regularly, and most likely, that the recipe won’t change.


Anyhow….what are you guys still doing reading this?  Click the damn link below and buy yourself some already.  If you’re not gonna take my advice on this one, then WHEN WILL YOU?


I promise, they’re beyond worth it.

Zolli Candy


  1. Big Daddy

    Where’s the@$)(::($& link?

  2. Big Daddy

    I’m buyin’ right now. Can they deliver by drone?

  3. Matty

    Wow. HIGH praise. Gonna have to try me some.


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