Albanese 12 Flavor Gummy Bears – The Best In The World?

Albanese Gummies are the “best in the world”.  According to them.  Let’s check it out, shall we?

For the record, here are the correct flavors: lemon, wild cherry, orange, pineapple, strawberry, apple, banana, lime, watermelon, red raspberry, grapefruit, and grape.  Hey, no one’s perfect, right? We got a few right.

Give these things a try.  They’re juicy, they’re well flavored, and they make my kid angry.  Find them at, along with a ton of other great candy, both old & new.  Again, big props to Bob @ who hooked the Gurus up with a sample of these when we couldn’t find them locally.


20 thoughts on “Albanese 12 Flavor Gummy Bears – The Best In The World?

  1. OMG– I have a 4 yr old and I couldn’t stop smiling. Only because he’d probably be 10x crazier than your son. Only allowed to eat half? That’s tough for them. But good for you for sticking to your parenting guns. “Your not the boss of me!” 🙂

  2. I refuse to write/record another review until this stays up on the home page for at least another few days. It’s just too precious.

  3. I love these, the only Gummi Bears I know that can equal up to Haribo (fresh in germany), when you compare them in the US, they win straight up with the greater assortment of flavors and the fresh texture that Haribo Bears lack after the transport. That said, I love both!

    1. I would have said Haribo Gold Bears when this review was published. However, now I’d definitely say Haribo a Juicy Bears. The best, hands down.

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