A candy 99% of you will hate: Big Island Candies Hawaiian Da-Kines Chocolate Dipped Ika

Who WOULDN'T want a smelly bottom feeding fish enrobed chocolate?
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Today we’re taking a look at something that hundreds of thousands, if not millions of people across the world will love.

But not you.

Hell, Matty hates it: he’s too scared to even try it.  In fact, aside from Mrs. Guru, I have ONE friend who enjoys the idea of this candy, so a big shout out to my homie Dcapo who brought these to our attention.

I’m talking about cuttlefish, kids.  Dried squid.

Ok, so on paper, admittedly that sounds gross.  Envisioning a wet, slimy squid that’s sitting out in the sun,….smelly…with flies buzzing around it, drying-that’s gross.  But that’s not what this is.  While a cuttlefish is part of the same family as squid, it looks more like a fish.  The important thing though, is that the way folks generally eat dried cuttlefish resembles a shredded beef jerky.  Something like this:

That doesn’t look appetizing to you?  What if I told you that while it harkened a fishy taste, it had a very nice sweetness to it as well?  (I won’t mention the smell).  Of course salty is there too, so it really becomes complex.  I love to eat it this way, but even better is when it gets the full on Korean treatment: sticky, sweet, spicy.

Literally, I can eat this stuff all day.  My moms in law makes the hell out of it occasionally and I make her proud by not letting anyone else have any.  Anyhow, so now you know about traditional ways Cuttlefish is eaten. Next let’s turn it on it’s head, and look at these:


When I saw these, aside from noticing how they resemble squids, I wasn’t sure if I’d enjoy the combination or not.  It’s one thing to like a sweet, spicy salty fishy thing, but to add chocolate?  Could go either way.  What I found is that it was quite delicious.

All the qualities of cuttlefish were there, but the chocolate-wow.  I don’t know what’s going on over there on the big island, but the quality of this chocolate is off the charts-deep, milky, not too sweet, and absolutely scrumpt.  I found myself telling my internal brain to slow down, which was odd-when I first grabbed the piece, I was sure I wouldn’t finish it.  Instead, I was reaching for another one.

I really loved these, but like the title suggests, I know most of you will not even try them, but will instead shrug them off as gross.  Well you know what? YOU’RE GROSS.

Not YOU, but the other people.  All of them.

Seriously though, I’m sure many of you would enjoy these if you ate them blindfolded.  The question is whether you’re adventurous enough to try it.  And I’m not gonna lie: the smell aint great.  So for the brave among you, check these out for something completely different.

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  1. Cynthia

    Hi. I wanted to buy the Dipped Ika and the Pineapple Manju for my son for Christmas. Neither is currently available from Big Island Candies. They had a great gift box with shortbread, brownies, manju, mika mints, coffee beans and Kona coffee. This also is no longer available. And any order placed today will not deliver until after New Years. I’m so disappointed. I know some of these items have a very short shelf life. Do they close around the holidays? Couldn’t find this stuff on Amazon.


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