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Trolli Sour Gummy Crunchers: Not a Match Made in Heaven


Man oh man is Trolli prolific. I can’t turn around in my local Rite-Aid without hitting a brand new (to me) Trolli gummy bag. Good for them. Good for us too.


Not this times.

The Trolli Sour Gummy Crunchers are not very good. There are only 4 basic flavors – grape, lemon, lime, and strawberry – which are as pedestrian in taste as it is to write that. I appreciate the fake grape (I always do) but the others are just plain ordinary. The sour starts straight in, and it’s a real sour like warheads, I’ll grant Trolli that, but the sour fades after 15 seconds of sucking. So then you become compelled to bite into them, and when you do, the experience is disappointing. Sure, they’re crunchy – just like the package says. But what hard candy isn’t crunchy?

The gummy in the middle was another barrier to enjoyment.

When I bit into this thing, my mouth expected something interesting to happen: maybe a swath of new sour or a deeper flavor profile would flood in. But uh uh. All I got was a skimpy gummy, kinda sticky with no discernible flavor.

It’s one thing if Trolli was going to do a super great hard candy sour and then put a super great flavorful, and tough, gummy in the middle — 2 great tastes that could taste great together. But no, they made a run-o-the-mill hard candy and threw in a forgettable gummy, to be cute. Or maybe it was to be “weirdly awesome,” which is how they describe their candy on their site. But it wasn’t either of those things.

Leave these ones on the shelf.


  1. I completely agree. I was expecting more of a reese’s pieces or peanut m&m crunch…. not a godstopper…. with a bland…. piece of gummy? All it’s doing is making the hard pieces harder to stay off my teeth. >_< Don't likeyy

    • Totally

    • i agree because i was kinda hoping for that sour tast but all i got was a mouth full of nothingness it was like my mouth had no tast for candy at all

  2. I was going to write a detailed review for this product, but then realized I would need to eat another first. #nevermind

  3. I did not like what happened in my mouth

    • That’s what she said ! OH BOOOM

  4. I forgot

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