Tikkels- “They’ll make you smile”

a new, excellent addition to an under represented candy genre

Reviewed by Jonny

June 29, 2018

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What a horrid, horrid title for this review. So obvious, so annoying, so delightfully anger inducing. Yet I did it because I got Tikkeld.

First, congrats on the packaging, Venco. Despite being slightly visually confusing, I dig it. I love the color.

From the bag, we can see the shape of these things, and we know that terms “drop mint” and “hard” have been bandied about.

Still sort of a mystery.

Still though, even after looking at this, one might think they’re similar to a mint M&M. But that person would be wrong.



These fall squarely in the Good & Plenty lineage. Candy coated licorice. For us Gurus, this is near and dear to our hearts-we love this crap. But for many of you, “you don’t like black licorice”. The thing is, you do. You just don’t like mediocre licorice.


Sallos makes a wonderful version of this with their “Black & White” candies. Haribo also has a very good one. Tikkels though, is just a bit different. Because Tikkels, in addition to being slightly salty candy coated licorice, also have a slight-very minor- menthol flavor.

It’s wonderful. Very refreshing, different, and scrumptious.  I’d absolutely buy these-if I could. And I can! I think.

We have a very pricey amazon link below. The bag looks slightly different but I believe it’s the same candy. If you’re a licorice fan*


*PROGRAM NOTE: no need to say “I don’t like black licorice” if you’re a hater. There is no other kind of licorice. Just say you don’t like licorice.


…Then these might be worth the price. Or, just keep your eyes open online for a better deal, because these certainly are worth tracking down.



did this review Tikkel your fancy?








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    • Jonny

      I’m relatively sure we’ve reviewed (and loved) those!

  1. EatExploreEtc

    I’m with you on the liquorice comment! The only kind of liquorice is the black kind. 😀


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