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  1. Trying to find a
    Candy I used to love. About 15 years ago I lived in Japan on a military base, I found a candy that came in a small black box. I could get lemon or grapefruit the candy itself was individual wrapped and was clear except for the center. The center was fruit peel. I was hoping maybe you have seen this candy before as I can not remember the brand or manufacturers name.

  2. Hi Guys

    I have some great candy I’d love to send you. Can you give an address to send you a package?

  3. I used to buy the Fruit Chalk from a General Store in Old Town.its in San Diego California..
    The Manafature they buy from discontinued producing them..
    I was wondering where in S California could I find or site ?!.
    Thank you
    Diane M Demangos

  4. Hi! My comment is about gummy worms.

    I used to be a big fan of Black Forrest gummy worms. They were delicious, this is around 2008. Very juicy and good (same for the gummy bears).

    Then it seems Black Forrest changed their recipe to be much more “organic”. At one point they were just disgusting, all “natural” and things like that. This is probably around 2010. They changed their reipee again to be slightly more flavorful, to the way they are now. They’re okay not so good.

    Now here’s the interesting part, I’ve noticed lots of store brand gummy worms are now EXACTLY or 95% the same flavor as the classic gummy worms by black forrest before the change. It’s very interesting to me, it appears they’re for sure using the old Black Forrest company recipe, but it’s all packaged in different ways like the 7/11 brand gummy worms, Rite-Aid, dollar store, etc. The 7/11 ones would probably be the easiest the get your hands on. They come in 3 flavores, the red/white one (the best, cherry/strawberry I beleive), then green/red, and finally yellow/orange. This whole store is super interesting to me, some batches are also much more flavorful than others but I don’t believe they’re quite as sweet and delicious as that original black forrest flavor (but maybe that’s the rose tinted glasses talking!).

    It would be ingesting if you remember this, or understand why these brands adopted the classic black forrest recipe? Its just interring to me! Might make a good article.

    – Joey

  5. Hello!

    I am wondering if you accept candy sent to you for review or do you only review candy you all find in the shelf? It would seem you are cutting yourself short if you are in CA and perhaps missing out on yummy candy produced / distributed only in the East Coast.

    Please advise and thank you

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