We may be sour, but we know our sweets.

Katjes Saure Kirschen : Meet the Cherry Racist


Cherry is weird.  I just don’t love it in candy usually, but…it really isn’t “bad”.  I’m not sure why I look past it most times.  I got these in the mail, tried a few, and moved on.


Katjes makes good sours, but cherry?  Kinda over it.

But here’s the thing: I just ate one, and damn it if it isn’t a fine candy.  The size of the pieces are a bit larger than I’m used to for a sour gummy, which isn’t good or bad- just different.  The chew is middle of the road.  The sour level is nice-subtle at first, then it blooms a bit, giving it a really nice balance.  And the flavor?  Well, it’s cherry.  If you’re a cherry person (and I know you’re out there), then I’m kinda thinking that these are perfect for you.  For me though…they’re still actually kinda good!  My lesson here is that I need to revisit the whole cherry thing.  Perhaps I’m cherry racist, much in the same way lots of people are grape racists.  I hate grape racists.  Maybe I need to take a long look at the man in the mirror.  Maybe I need to rethink EVERYTHING-my upbringing, my values, my cologne.


I’m glad we had this talk.


I don’t think I’d choose these over some of Katjes’s other sour offerings, but I’d be lying if I said that these were anything less than a fine, tasty sour gummy.  GermanDeli.com has these in stock, so pick up a bag if you’re a cherry dude or gal.

  • Matty

    It’s interesting how it bugs the hell out of me that cherry doesn’t ever taste like actual cherries, and yet grape never tastes like grape, and I love fake grape flavored candy. not sure I’d call myself a racist for it, but I definitely need to chill the f out.

  • Moi

    I feel like I’m the only one who loves cherry. Then again, I have the maturity of a 12 year old.