Yogurt Dots — the healthy candy?

Creamy like cream and fruity like fruit. I kinda liked these actually and I kinda didn't! Nothing like the ol' "Yeah it's fine," comment to get people buyin' !

Reviewed by Matty


December 6, 2008

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Let’s do the opposite of what you’d do if you’re reviewing an employee. If you were reviewing your sales clerk for example, you’d start by saying: “Look. No one stacks shelves like you. You were born to deal with inventory. ” Then you’d say, “however…you should work on your people skills if you want to move to the register any time soon.”

But Yogy Dots aren’t people so let’s start with the negative!


First off, they are really chewy, stick to your teeth gooey. In my game, you lose 3 points off the top just for that.

Secondly – are they really yogurt flavored? What does that mean? I’ve had Greek yogurt – it’s tangy, not sweet. I’ve had fro yo, which is really sweet like ice cream and seems to be more chocolate and vanilla than grape and lime. And then of course there’s plain ol’ yogurt in a single serving plastic cup thingy that seems to be strawberry and boysenberry types. Which of these kinds of yogurt is the yogurt on the Dots? It’s not clear. I think it’s supposed to be the sweet fro yo like a lo-cal, no fat vanilla. But isn’t THAT really supposed to be like ice cream and just make you feel better about eating it? A ‘healthy’ ice cream-like derivative.

Why do that with candy. In case gym rats have a momentary lapse of reason and think these are good-for-you sweets? (FYI – they aint. You could easily eat half a box in a sitting which is about 400 Calories and 58g of sugar.)

I suggest ‘Cream Dots’ or even Creamed Dots. That’s a good name.

Now to the part Tootsie was hoping I’d get to quicker (Tootsie of the Roll fame makes these).

These Yogy Dots are good. They’re not awesome but better than regular Dots for sure. The creamy ‘yogurt’ side gives them a better texture than normal Dots. Less gummy sticky and more Gummi creamy. The flavors aren’t stand out – meaning, I’d need to think a bit if someone asked me what flavor I was eating and I didn’t see the color before I put it in my mouth. General fruity flavored. Definitely these are more about yogurt/cream flavor than fruit flavors.

But still, if there was a box of these, a box of Raisinettes and a fresh carton of Red Vines (yuck – aged red vines only for me, thanks), then buy the Yogy Dots. Especially cuz there was a good amount in the box too.




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  1. Tp

    Can I comment on this old site? Test test test.

    I have thought about this candy since it was out, it has never had an equal. IMO this was one of the best candies ever made.

    • Matty

      Yes. Yes you can.

  2. Kartchine Shtibel

    Thanks for the article. I give only organic candy and organic lollipops to all kids.
    The last few times I ordered it online at Whole And Natural.com. They have a large selection at very reasonable prices and ship fast.

    Healthy Holidays to all,

  3. greebs

    Wow…I really thought you were going a different route, that these were actually as disgusting as they sound.

    I do like Yogy Dots as a better name.


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