Vosges Peanut Butter Bonbons Slay The Ass off Reeses

The ass-kicker of Reeses has arrived.

Reviewed by Jonny

March 12, 2010

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Know what’s weird?  I went to the Oscars last weekend.  That’s weird itself. And at these Oscars, Wolfy Puck was handing out chocolate shaped Oscars to people more important than me.  Guess what though?  They sucked.  In my mind at least, they sucked.  Who cares about little chunks of dark or milk chocolate when something so much better exists? Suck on this, Wolfie!:

Yes, my friends, more non-traditional chocolate delights from our friends at Vosges.  You might remember them from their Bacon Bar or the Chocolate covered Tortilla chips with chiles we’ve reviewed recently.  Well they’re back, and this time, …they’re kinda changing everything.  Peanut Butter Bonbons.  Check ’em:

What you’re looking at but wishing you were eating are “deep” milk chocolate bonbons filled with organic peanut butter that’s infused with Himalayan salt (cause…that’s important, right?), and topped with Maldon sea salt, which is the best salt you can buy.

I say that last piece with authority, since I am a confirmed salt addict. I have @ 12 different kinds at home, and Maldon is the best. Instead of being thick coarse grains like Kosher salt, they’re more like crunchy thin slices and chunks. Perfect for putting on top of grilled flank stank and asparagus, eggs….and peanut butter bonbons.

Just look at those things. They’re freakin’ gorgeous, right? But who cares about that. it’s about the taste, of course. First, look at these little lovelies a bit closer:

Wanna know why these are quite possible the greatest thing ever?  Because the filling that you’re looking at isn’t some concocted “this tastes like peanut butter” filling crap.  I HATE those fillings, it’s why I really don’t eat truffles or bonbons.  No, this filling is not a “filling”.  It’s amazing, complex peanut-y tasting peanut butter, perhaps mixed with a scoshe of chocolate-I’m not sure about that part.  But you can definitely feel the grainy consistency of the peanut butter, and that’s what takes these over the top.

The Maldon on top is another layer of surprise. It brings a crunchy, ocean-y tasting salt accent to the party. It makes for one of those times where you take a bite, realize what’s going on and say, with your mouth full, “oh, man”. Then you chew some more and let out a “oh my GOD!”. They’re that good.

Listen.  I’m telling you.  I’m NOT a big chocolate person, as you all know.  But these…change everything.  I had some Gurus over and other friends, and everyone was raving about these.  Mrs. Guru, potentially the former Mrs. Guru, ate the remaining 4 or 5 bonbons while I was at work.

While I was AT WORK, people!  That’s so wrong.  But that’s my problem, not yours. The point is that everyone adores these.

Do you like Reeses’ Peanut Butter Cups?  Of course you do, unless you’re dum.  In my experience, every single peanut butter chocolate wannabee imitation of those has gotten it wrong-they didn’t have the peanut consistency, or they didn’t have the salt accent, or they didn’t have the right amount of chocolate (usually too much).  But the Peanut Butter Bonbons from Vosges get it right.  So right in fact, that they sort of bitch-slapped Reeses out of the way.  Vosges’ version of this classic delight sets the new standard.  They’re like the Reeses version, but all grown up and way more intense.

No, they’re not cheap, but aside from me, what quality item is?  Vosges has made it clear that their primary interest is making organic (when possible) delicious interesting treats.  And they deliver big time.  It’s always been Candygurus’ mission to bring you guys the best stuff out there, ideally made by creative people who care about what’s in their products.  This costs money.  Do yourself a favor if you are even semi-interested in these-buy some.  I promise that the recipient will either:

1.  Sleep with you

2.  Thank you profusely

3.  Ideally, sleep with you while they’re thanking you profusely. There’s nothing like that, right?

Or don’t give them away.  Eat them.  Eat them ALL.  Let us know what you think.  Chocolate and peanut butter gets no better than this, that much I can promise you.

So…F*ing good.  I need more.



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    • mattycandy

      Thanks for the link. Perchance they need a review.

  1. sweets in bulk

    Wow. I wanted to eat them all. The name bonbon (or bon-bon) refers to any of several types of sweets, especially small candies enrobed in chocolate. The first reports of bonbons come from the 17th century, when they were made at the French royal court. Their name arose from infantile reduplication of the word bon, meaning ‘good’. In modern French, the term simply refers to any type of small candy.

  2. Jonny

    I bought some of these for my dad. Here’s his take:

    Vosges Organic Peanut Butter BonBons

    Every once in a while during your chocolate eating life you taste
    something that is so good you just hold it in your mouth for a
    while, slowly tasting the goodness that you hope will stay with you
    forever. Forever, no, but the flavor created by Vosges with these
    Peanut Butter BonBons is extraordinary, and I usually don’t even eat
    anything made with milk chocolate. But don’t let that put you off.
    These babies are made with “pink Himalayan salt infused into peanut
    butter and milk chocolate topped with Fleur de Sel salt.” I had to
    look up what pink Himalayan salt and Fleur de Sel salt were all about
    but the end game is that the combination of these flavors is uniquely
    wonderful, the salt giving the chocolate flavor an even more intense
    taste sensation. My biggest problems were how to keep myself
    from eating all of these suckers immediately, and that I didn’t have
    enough of them.
    Expensive, yes. Vale la pena, absolutely!!!! If you could name a
    sweet you’d love to have as a reward, these are right up there.

  3. Bill Elbring

    One more vote for the Vosges PB nuggets of love. I love these deeply. And also like Reese’s very, very much. And Vosges gets points for actually being perishable. Meaning you can’t leave it in the pantry for 2 or 3 years and expect it to survive. Reese’s can’t say that. And I love Reese’s. But my eyes don’t roll back in my head when I eat them. Vosges did all that.

  4. Jonny

    Holy Crap. It’s a peanut-butter off.

    I hear what you’re saying, but…I respectfully disagree. Reeses are like that killer NY style pizza place that’s always good. OLways.

    But the Vosges PB bonbons are like the killer NY pizza IN New York right after you go to a Yanks game. It has something about it that you can’t quite put your finger on, but the experience is elevated.

    And yes, a bitch slapping contest could be arranged-but I’m warning you, we have like a combined 500 pounds on you. 🙂

  5. Denise

    Hey! I’m going to 1.) raise the cost issue – the last box of these I got was $27!! And the taste? Well, you know I am pretty ruthless when it comes to peanut butter. The more peanut buttery the better. This was too far to the chocolate side of the house for me. Not bad, mind you – the salt is a nice touch. But in the category – I’d rather have Reese’s. And you can fill the trunk of your car with $27.00 worth of Reese’s. Guess that puts me in food critic hell. Or maybe the food critic ghetto. But I’m staning up for Reese’s and if that means we have to have a bitch slapping contest at Candy Expo I’m in! You guys make your plans yet??

  6. Scotty

    The problem with this review and its a huge problem is I didn’t eat these. WTF

  7. Matty

    The problem with this review is it’s true. I ate these things and I was taken aback. I wanted to eat them all. They were ridackuloso. Unbelievacodo good. If these Vosges people figured out how to make these en masse but as good, and package them for the layperson, and get them into Safeways around the country – they’d take over Reese’s. Seriously.



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