Vosges Goji Bar: Tibetan Berries and Himalayan Salt at a K-Mart Near You!

Part of our infatuation with Vosges is that an attractive female makes the chocolate, but hot chick or no, a good product is a good product.

Reviewed by Matty

July 28, 2011

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Yeah I made up that part about K-Mart as I have no idea if they carry Vosges chocolate bars. I’d guess no…but it’s such a funnier title with the ugly-‘merican-imperialist-store reference!

I like Vosges. WE like Vosges. Part of our infatuation with the company is that an attractive female named Katrina heads it up, and it helps that Kat and co make damn good tasting chocolate too.

For my last birthday, Mrs. Guru bought me the Goji Bar from Vosges. “Tibetan goji berries pink Himalayan salt deep milk chocolate”. And they’re good. Not awesometabulous but tasty.

As you can see, these look a bit like a dark chocolate – no?

but they’re milky.

I didn’t read the package before I jumped in and I remarked to Mrs. Guru how it had an enjoyable milky dark chocolate taste. Then I saw that Vosges wrote 45% caCAO on the box and called it milk chocolate and there you go — it tasted like what they’re selling. And then of course with the salt in there, they have me hooked. I love chocolate with salt. Why? You know how when you put salt on things you get more flavor? Yeah – that.

Of course it’s not all peaches and herb. On the back of the package Katrina gives her slightly self-indulgent suggestion on how to eat the bar:

“Breathe…Engage your senses. Take 3 ujjayi breaths, quiet the chattering mind and be in the present moment”
“See…A darker milk chocolate spreckled with hues of pink” …

yeah yeah yeah we get it, hippy.. we’ll buy your $10 chocolate bars.

Still – let’s move past the bad poetry = food! and review the actual candy. I liked the chewy small (very small – couldn’t really see them) nuggets in the bar but I wasn’t sure what they were exactly. I assume Goji berries but they weren’t terribly berry nor particularly Gojirific. The berry taste was underneath everything else, not on top of it. While that’s good for my chocolate sensibilities since I’m not fond of fruit with my chocolate, others may feel a but cheated. But there’s no way you can compare a Vosges chocolate with any other mass market chocolate. Vosges has so many more flavor tones in there and the way it melts in your mouth – it’s just goddamn good. 4 stars good.

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  1. rodzilla

    This reminds me I need to try more vosges.

    I’m thinking they left the Goji pieces small because they can be bitter.


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