Vat 19 Gummy Shot Glasses : “Sgusting!”

Reviewed by Jonny

April 27, 2010


First, the evidence:

Isn’t that CUTE?  Aren’t we SO CLEVER?  Yeah, yeah.  I know we’re not.  That’s the problem.  What you don’t see there is probably the most important part–me taking a shot of Jaegermeister out of the cola flavored gummy and my son the freak taking an apple juice shot out of the lime gummy shot glass.

Thank Scotty, “expert” videographer!

Scotty, when the light’s red, it means it’s recording. (Fail.)

Anyhow, what you would have seen was a perplexed face by me.  Shouldn’t a cola gummy be the perfect pairing for Jaeger?  If it’s not, what good are these glasses?  To have a lemon scented vodka shot?  I’m all for stupid products, but…I just don’t get these. Seriously, how can a cola flavored gummy NOT go with Jaeger?

They’re behemoths of a gummy to start with-very big, very…weird.  So let’s say you have a shot of something.  Do you use the thing again?  Do y ou “clean” it? They’re not cheap enough to use once and throw away.  And don’t fool yourself that yer gonna be actually EATING these after you shoot some Patron.  Nasty.  Even if it was a good combo, you’d be chewing on this all night.  It’s huge.

Having said this, even though the kid deemed them ‘Sgusting”, you might have heard me saying on the video that I actually liked the lime one.  I did.  I would have certainly eaten gummies with that flavor.  But the cola was RANK, and the lemon was….well, to be honest, I was done after the cola.

The good folks at Vat were kind enough to send these over to us.  And I now know there’s a market for these (really??), according to their promotional video for the product:

Yeah!  A couple of dudes dreaming up gummy shot glasses to mask the shite taste of their cheap swill in order to get laid!  And still, no girls even after they’re using them!   Sort of a modern-day kid-friendly roofie. Sounds like another FAIL.

Here’s the skinny:  I ‘aint buying these.   You’re not buying them.  But I think I speak for all of us when I saw we can rest easy, knowing that Abercrombie & Fitch virgins are going to be buying these, in hopes of bagging their first babe, “Sixteen Candles” style.  Smooth, Playa!

Abercrombie virgins (and anyone else) can buy them here.




Zolli Candy


  1. Matty

    The review video was cute. Kids are neat. I hear a lot of chicks in the background talking about coloring books. Who are those people?

    The Vat video kinda cracked me up. And no one tires of autotune !
    I personally just like this idea since it’s gummi. And no one would ever eat these after a shot. They’d have a laugh as they bit into it after their shot, then they’d spit and throw it out. It’s all just fun and games. I wonder if they’d be better with jello shots in them. Harder gummi and all…

  2. greebs

    I do give props for the promotional video, pretty amusing. Sounds like they could have put a little more effort into the actual product.


    Nice head plant on the kid, too.


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