Tootsie Roll King Size

You've had them a million times, but have you really thought about them? Also, what's your take on Tony Romo?

Reviewed by Jonny

August 6, 2014


Sometimes we get so deep & high falootin’, reviewing precious candies that no one’s ever heard of that we neglect the classics. The stuff we grew up on. In this particular case, for me, a candy that I never prioritize, but have always loved-some of the last Halloween candy that ends up in my belly, but it certainly ends up there. The Tootsie Roll, in King Sized form.



It’s not small.


Inside we get two foil-wrapped long boys.



Look how thoughtful they are-they’re partitioned into bite size pieces.  Thanks, Tootsie People.


The deal on these is pretty much exactly as you remember-very distinct, chewy, somehow chocolate-like, and damned satisfying.  Much like Tony Romo in the NFL, or The Killers in the music world, or the reality show “Big Brother“, Tootsie Rolls are underrated, not considered much, and are taken as a bit of an afterthought.  However, also like these three things-people  love them.  And with good reason-they’re all really good.  YES I WATCH BIG BROTHER DON’T JUDGE.

Candy is all about comfort and nostalgia, in addition to yumsville.  Appreciating the things we’ve been happily eating away since we were old enough to put on a shitty “hobo” Halloween costume in 1976-well…that truly is priceless, to me.  And I hope to y’all too.  Sometimes you gotta stop & smell the roses-otherwise…well…you don’t get to smell them.


Pro Tip- it doesn’t matter a lick what size you buy of these, the King Sized or the tiny Midgees-taste and chew is exactly the same.  So buy the bag of midges, they’re easier to find and much cheaper.

Zolli Candy


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