Tikkels- “They’ll make you smile”


What a horrid, horrid title for this review. So obvious, so annoying, so delightfully anger inducing. Yet I did it because I got Tikkeld.

First, congrats on the packaging, Venco. Despite being slightly visually confusing, I dig it. I love the color.

From the bag, we can see the shape of these things, and we know that terms “drop mint” and “hard” have been bandied about.

Still sort of a mystery.

Still though, even after looking at this, one might think they’re similar to a mint M&M. But that person would be wrong.



These fall squarely in the Good & Plenty lineage. Candy coated licorice. For us Gurus, this is near and dear to our hearts-we love this crap. But for many of you, “you don’t like black licorice”. The thing is, you do. You just don’t like mediocre licorice.


Sallos makes a wonderful version of this with their “Black & White” candies. Haribo also has a very good one. Tikkels though, is just a bit different. Because Tikkels, in addition to being slightly salty candy coated licorice, also have a slight-very minor- menthol flavor.

It’s wonderful. Very refreshing, different, and scrumptious.  I’d absolutely buy these-if I could. And I can! I think.

We have a very pricey amazon link below. The bag looks slightly different but I believe it’s the same candy. If you’re a licorice fan*


*PROGRAM NOTE: no need to say “I don’t like black licorice” if you’re a hater. There is no other kind of licorice. Just say you don’t like licorice.


…Then these might be worth the price. Or, just keep your eyes open online for a better deal, because these certainly are worth tracking down.



did this review Tikkel your fancy?









  1. I’m with you on the liquorice comment! The only kind of liquorice is the black kind. 😀

  2. Not sure these are the same thing as the hugely expensive Amazon ones ($15/8ox?)

  3. Nope, those don’t have the mint!

    just in case someone wants bulk and the extra difficulty of non-amazon.

  4. OK, last Tikkels post!
    Thanks for the site by the way. Darn it now I’m buying a bunch of candy!

    Mr T for Tikkels lol

  5. Tikkels Dropmint are one of my favorites! I found them for $10.55/kg.

    If you like these, be sure to try Venco Schoolkrijt (“school chalk”).

    • I’m relatively sure we’ve reviewed (and loved) those!

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