Taveners Blackcurrant & Liquorice

Reviewed by Jonny

February 13, 2014

“licorice”?  All these years we’ve been gracefully handling the way the Brits pronounce aluminum (“Ah-LOO-mi-nee-um”), call ads “adverts”, and spell flavor “flavour”.  Now this?  Why didn’t they check with us first, WE HAD IT SPELLED ALREADY DAMN IT.

Anyhow, Taveners, makers of some good and no so good candies,  must be trying to make more inroads to US shelves, because Matty’s local grocery shop “Roxie’s” recently had 3 new varieties hanging.  Ima start out with the best, cause that saves the prodding and making fun for another day.  Gotta have something to look forward to, right?



Before we get any further,let it be known that these are hard candies.  And they’re not small, either.



Not too big, but almost.  For what it’s worth, despite many people not loving hard candies, or perhaps due to that, I’m going to reviewing a metric shit-ton of hard candies in the coming weeks.  Prepare accordingly.


The UK has combined blackcurrant and licorice for a long, long time, and it makes sense.  They’re slightly similar, and definitely play well together.  These candies hold true to that.

The overwhelming flavor is blackcurrant.  Classic, euro blackcurrant, which is amazing.  The deep, dark, rounded and slightly tart flavor explodes in your mouth, and then there you are: suckin’ on a hard candy, winning life.  After a while though, you wear down the body of the candy, and soon after that, your teeth will tell you that what’s left of the candy has give.  THERE MUST BE SOMETHING INSIDE IT, YOU THINK TO YOURSELF QUIETLY.  OR IN ALL CAPS.



And is there ever.  The hard candy slowly gives way to a dense, chewy, crunchy licorice center.  It’s delicious.  Word of warning though, the center is sticky, so if you don’t like that kind of thing, these could be problematic for you.  For me, I take it as a challenge.

Taveners uses only natural flavorings for these, like so many other UK confectioners.  I know it’s more expensive to do that, but it pays off.  The taste is real, clean, and marvelous.


In case you couldn’t tell by now, I love these.  Not in a “I eat a bag a day” way, but more in a “I have one every couple days amidst the large nightly pile of other candy I eat” way.


Click the link below for worldwide delivery.  More Taveners hard candy reviews coming soon.


  1. Christine

    Please let me know when I can place a large order of these


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