Sweetarts Chewy Fusions

It’s a candy/gummy/crunchy bits miracle!

Low Sugar Gummies by Biobor are Sweet

Low sugar candy may not be an oxymoron anymore.

Amos 4D Gummies. Wow.

Could this be the first excellent Chinese candy we’ve tried?

Ghirardelli Minis: Top of the Heap

Is it ‘geer-are-deli’ or ‘Jeer-ar-deli’ ? One of you find out and let us know.

Trolli Sour Crunchy Crawlers

Can these break the trend of shitty Trolli candies?

Arizona Fruit Snacks

Fruit snacks are candy. You know it, I know it. Kids might not think so. They’re wrong.

Haribo Sour Crocodiles

Just when we thought Germany was sleeping, they offer us this…

Haribo super mario

Haribo super mario

Suddenly I’m in Santa Cruz, it’s 1990 and I’m playing Super Mario til 3am every night. Again.