Sweet & Salty Corn Bits: Make Love to Them

See yourself as the John Mayer of new experiences? Someone who makes love to life like it’s crack cocaine? Then my friend — you are in for a world of tastiness with these choco covered corn nuts.

Reviewed by Matty

March 5, 2010

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Dammit I love corn nuts. Always have. They were the first salty goto snack for me when I somehow found change in my pocket on Saturday gamedays playing baseball as a kid. I’d get corn nuts and some red vines for like 50 cents from the snack counter, and those were good goddamn times. There was one flavor back then – simple ol’ plain ol’ corn nuts. They now got Ranch and BBQ and chile etc. Of course they do — who am I to get in the way of innovation — but none from Planters has sugar in them.

Now I know yr asking “well, what the hell kind of comment is that – ‘no sugar.’ Of course… why WOULD they have sugar?”

Good question. They shouldn’t. But I’m eating some right now covered in chocolate and it’s like sex. And not anonymous, walk of shame sex but the kind that John Mayer had with Jessica Simpson.

Don’t let the looks fool you. Are they a malt ball? Maybe a cordial? A chocolate covered cherry? No. And I bet next time someone gives me something that looks like any of these things, my mouth is going to hope and pray that they aren’t these things. Cuz these are the salty, crunchy and chocolatey goodness of Sweet and Salty Corn Bits from Kimmie Candy Company.

Did you read Jonny’s review of the choco covered tortilla chips? We all agreed they were good, but the one drawback for me at least was that the chip wasn’t super crispy. Most likely the moisture in the chocolate seeped into the chip. With the corn nut however, no such hijinx. This little nugget is just way too crispy to get sidetracked by a little chocolate on the outside. So it keeps this terrific crunch and of course it’s reinforced by its salty snackish flavor. The crunch is extra light too, not heavy. So you can eat a billion of these things and not fill up.

Now, an obvious caveat is that I like salty and sugary together. I like eating redvines with my popcorn. I like sea salt covered chocolate. So this kind of taste isn’t new to me and in fact I go out of my way for it. If however, you don’t (which makes yu unsane and IMHO kinda dum), then these won’t be for you. On the other hand, maybe you see yourself as the John Mayer of new experiences — someone who makes love to life like it’s crack cocaine. Then my friend — you are in for a world of tastiness.

My only beef with these things is the packaging. I actually really like how they look old school plain (but not ye olde schoole plain). But I’m not in love with the color scheme. Looks too much like Reese’s to me and before I bit into one I half assumed I’d be getting a peanut butter sweet.

Still, I would never not buy these because of the package color scheme. I ain’t stooopid. I’d buy a million of these things and drown in them. You can buy them too, right here.

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  1. greebs

    I remember tasting these and saying, “These remind me of something…”

    Your response: “Yes, they remind you of corn nuts, covered in chocolate.”

    So true.

    So true.



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