Sassy Sasso Bars: Small & Local Done Good

Small company, good sized chocolate bar takes on the big boys.

Reviewed by Matty

February 6, 2015


Look, I’ll be the first to tell you that it takes me a while to write reviews. Kids, work, TV, Kindle, Xbox One  – there’s just a lot to do, man. Sometimes I don’t write because I have nothin to say, and let’s be honest, not all candies deserve a review.

These Sasso bars though, do.


The kind people at Sasso sent us a box of 12, I gave 4 to Jon, and it’s good I had 8 left over because all the females in my house want them, ask for them, look at me like a puppy dog when I open them.

Just now as I was eating one … (I’ve had these for about a week. See I told you it takes me a while to write a review) … my littlest pup cuddled up staring as I opened the package, “oh you’re going to have a Sasso bar ?!”

Honestly, does it even matter if I like them? You already know my house majority won’t shut up about them.


So what do these wonderful people like about them? Here are their favorite features and functionality:

  • “Right amount”
    • This is right on. The bars aren’t too big nor too small.
  • “Light and airy”
    • Also true. It’s not a heavy candy bar. The nougat is more marshmallow-y and softer than what you’d get in a 3 Musketeer bar. Plus the caramel isn’t thick.
  • “Good flavors, authentic and real; a unique combination”
    • The bars definitely feel “real.” The Sasso web site says they have no artificial ingredients and although the bar doesn’t look like it was made in a homemade kitchen, it tastes like it. Not sure I’d agree on a unique combination though. It’s chocolate, caramel and nougat – isn’t that like every chocolate bar ever made?
  • “Dark chocolate on the outside instead of the usually given milk chocolate is nice”
    • Very nice. More dark chocolate is a mantra of mine.
  • “The first bite is great since you get caramel right away and all the way through.”
    • Sure. I think this is true. But one of the kids said this one and we all know what kids know. (Nothing)

As fine readers of this ultra fine blog will tell you, I’m the guy who will always pick gummis over chocolate. I know I know, ladies, heresy, but I still know what’s good. I’d order a pizza before getting a burger and fries but I still know that a double double animal style can’t be beat. These Sasso small-company-created, right-sized bars of dark chocolate and creamy nougat are like that $15 perfectly cooked burger. Minus the Ketchup.


I love that these are made in Oak town, Cali – my backyard – and that this is a small company taking on the big boys. So go – get some of these bars at a local purveyor or on the interwebs. Act local and eat global.

Zolli Candy

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  1. aimee

    mmmmm, basso bars.


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