Phillips Candy House Caramel Chocolate Apple – It’s A Giant

There's chocolate, and chocolate, and caramel, and chocolate and an apple.

Reviewed by Jonny

October 26, 2010


Yo yo yo!

GO SAN FRANCISCO GIANTS!!!!  We here at the Gu couldn’t be happier-our beloved Giants have won the pennant, and all is finally right with the world.  Oh, we also have candy to review!  Check it out:


Candy Softcore Porn:


Check them out yourself here




Zolli Candy


  1. Lauren Charap Brody

    Thanks for looking!

  2. matty

    The cucumber comment is the best. That alone explains how not good the apple must have been.

  3. Jonny


    Agree on 1, disagree on 2, but then again….I’m a gummy guy!

    As for 3: I hate to tell ya, but those aren’t made any longer, according to everything I could find on the web. Sorry!

  4. Lauren Charap Brody

    Great review!

    2 things…no 3 things.

    1. If the apple sucks, then you’re done. Nothing can come back from that deficit. In my opinion, and you might remember, I’m fairly opinionated 😀
    2. There is no such thing as “too much chocolate”. If the quality is good, then bring it, baby.
    3. Got a request for a review and (mainly) a where-to-buy….Willy Wonka Scrunch Bar. If I can locate such a creature, I will be the conquering hero for the office Secret Santa Smack-down.

    Thank you!!


  5. greebs

    I really enjoy how you exploit the cuteness of your son for these. Seriously, that’s smart marketing.

    I had a few things LIKE this, but from another company and yes, I think it’s hard to get the right amount of chocolate and caramel.

    On the other hand, wonder what a caramel cucumber WOULD taste like?

  6. Martha

    We used to get candy apples at the Boardwalk in Santa Cruz. I say “candy” because they were red and had a hard candy coating on them. They also sold caramel apples, but when you’re a kid, red candy beats brown caramel any day of the week. I think I would probably pass on those chocolate apples. I don’t like to mix anything healthy in with my candy, thank you very much.

    Nice video, and I love the Giants team spirit. I think I heard you guys yelling and screaming after last Saturday’s game all the way over here in California.


  7. Mark D. (sugarpressure)

    Woah…..there’s apple inside there! I think my least favorite part is the apple too, why not make a solid chocolate apple and put it on a stick instead? Maybe throw some caramel in there. Great Review.


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