Phillips Candy House Caramel Chocolate Apple – It’s A Giant

Yo yo yo!

GO SAN FRANCISCO GIANTS!!!!  We here at the Gu couldn’t be happier-our beloved Giants have won the pennant, and all is finally right with the world.  Oh, we also have candy to review!  Check it out:


Candy Softcore Porn:


Check them out yourself here




7 thoughts on “Phillips Candy House Caramel Chocolate Apple – It’s A Giant

  1. We used to get candy apples at the Boardwalk in Santa Cruz. I say “candy” because they were red and had a hard candy coating on them. They also sold caramel apples, but when you’re a kid, red candy beats brown caramel any day of the week. I think I would probably pass on those chocolate apples. I don’t like to mix anything healthy in with my candy, thank you very much.

    Nice video, and I love the Giants team spirit. I think I heard you guys yelling and screaming after last Saturday’s game all the way over here in California.


  2. I really enjoy how you exploit the cuteness of your son for these. Seriously, that’s smart marketing.

    I had a few things LIKE this, but from another company and yes, I think it’s hard to get the right amount of chocolate and caramel.

    On the other hand, wonder what a caramel cucumber WOULD taste like?

  3. Great review!

    2 things…no 3 things.

    1. If the apple sucks, then you’re done. Nothing can come back from that deficit. In my opinion, and you might remember, I’m fairly opinionated 😀
    2. There is no such thing as “too much chocolate”. If the quality is good, then bring it, baby.
    3. Got a request for a review and (mainly) a where-to-buy….Willy Wonka Scrunch Bar. If I can locate such a creature, I will be the conquering hero for the office Secret Santa Smack-down.

    Thank you!!


  4. Lauren-

    Agree on 1, disagree on 2, but then again….I’m a gummy guy!

    As for 3: I hate to tell ya, but those aren’t made any longer, according to everything I could find on the web. Sorry!

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