Nugo: Leggo My Nilla Yogie Nuggo!

I'm plum out of candy and I'm tired of Viet Namese sweets that no one has ever heard of...So I went down to my work's all-organic, we-feed-you-all-the-time-so-you'll-never-leave cafe, and I bought me some Nugo. Vanilla Yogie Nugo.

Reviewed by Matty

July 2, 2010


I’m plum out of candy. I haven’t sent an email to any candy maker recently asking for samples to review; no one has sent me anything without me asking; I’m tired of Viet Namese candy that no one connected to the real wide web has ever heard of…

So I went down to my work’s stellar all-organic, all-natural, we-feed-you-all-the-time-so-you’ll-never-leave cafe, and I bought me some Nugo:

Is it New-Go, or “Nuggo” like sluggo? I hope it’s the latter since it’s made with soy “nuggets.” And Nuggos is just plain fun to say! To make sure we all call them Nuggos from here on out, I’m changing the spelling. I don’t want anyone reading New-go from here on out. Got it?

First off – this particular flavor of Nuggo is vanilla. There are other Nuggos flavors like coffee and banana chocolate that I bet half of you wished I tried but I love me some vanilla, WAY more than chocolate. (This little personal Matty factoid might be new to some of you folks, since I write about gummis all the time – and of course you can’t spit in a check-out line without hitting something chocolate-covered, while most of the time you’d have to hang a long distance loogie to spatter over something calling itself vanilla…) And the vanilla taste in Nuggos is good, not a general bland sweet like I half expected.

Nuggos are about the length of a normal Snickers bar but flatter and wider. A good girth that made me feel like I was getting a nice sized snack for the calories (170 for the whole bar). The Nuggo consistency is thick rice krispy treat, but not stale or too chewy. When you bite in, it has the same crunch as the Krispy treat but it’s denser and less sickly sweet.

Nuggo is definitely more breakfast bar than candy bar, but for me, I’m A-OK with that. I might as well pretend my sweet treats are good for me, right?

And “pretend” these are good for me is an important point:

For one – the package says “awesome good and healthy!” Hm. What exactly is so healthy…the 2.5 grams of fat? OK maybe. The corn syrup? Not so much. The maltodextrin? I kinda doubt it. The Microcrystalline Cellulose? I guess. Since it’s wood(!).

<rant> Don’t get me started on the ‘awesome good’ wording on the label. Jonny just wrote this week about the ridiculosity of how awesome is used…but how can anything be awesome GOOD? Shouldn’t it be awesome UNBELIEVABLE? Or awesome FUCKING EXTRAORDINARY? “Awesome good” is like saying “The Best OK”. For the record, let’s stop being so laid back about how marketing departments are butchering our English language fr shit’s sake.

And the Vanilla “yogurt” on the front?…bah. The ingredients say ‘yogurt flavored coating’. Uhhhh – don’t think that’s the same as yogurt or else you would have said it. My green tea flavored ice cream sure as shit ain’t green tea. Sigh. I’m jus’ plain ol’ tired of companies using the word “yogurt” to infer their products are healthy.</rant>

Still – my bad attitude aside, I like the taste, size and consistency. I ate my Nuggo after my salad at lunch and I was very full. Don’t need to eat again for at least 4 hours. Also, Nuggo has 11 grams of protein and I’ve heard protein is important for your body.

I’d eat this again. If they were cheaper. This was 3 bucks once I threw my change in the Not-mandatory!-But-you’ll-feel-like-a-prick-if-you-don’t-tip-me box.

Looking for Nuggos online? You won’t find them.

Remember? They’re called Nugo! Go to the Nugo site store locator and see if they’re close to you. You can also get 15 bars relatively cheap at

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  1. Rodzilla

    I hate that all the bar companies use sources like soy and hydrolyzed gelatin. If this bar was made with whey crisps; I’d be all about it.


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