Mean Black Fox Mint Sticks

Minty licorice can be a beautiful thing-do these make the mark?

Reviewed by Jonny

June 26, 2015


This is now the third licorice variety we’ve reviewed from the bawdy, dare I say potentially funnier-than-us Mean Black Fox out of Germany. They’re straight outta’ Germany, dawg.


Before re I get to this review, I need to share their excellence with you. Remember the candy coated red white and blue licorice we reviewed a few weeks ago?  When we tweeted out the review, we simply wrote “patriotic as f*ck” with the review link.

Fast forward to a few weeks ago, when we got another package from them, and there was another bag of them in the box. This one looked different:



Soooooo…..yeah. Consider this notice that the bar has been set. I’m resisting eating these just to display them in my office, but that won’t last-they’re too good.


But we’re not here to discuss those. Today, we’re combining mint with licorice. Mint Sticks, from the Netherlands.



Picture a gummy-style chew. Half licorice, half mint. Hell, don’t picture it: just look at this picture:


Weird.  Large. I like. They’re soft-not too much resistance. And to say the mint flavor pops is a ridiculous understatement. And that’s kinda where my one issue lies with these.

IMG_4242The mint, albeit tasty, is so damn strong, I couldn’t really taste the full licorice flavor. When I purposely bit only the licorice half, I got it. Nice, albeit subtle, but yummy. The mint is almost a cross between peppermint and something softer- it’s a very recognizable mint flavor.


We’ve reviewed licorice mint combinations before, and I think the secret to those probably lies with relying on the licorice taste with a slight mint input. Like a 75% – 25% situation.   But this candy is essentially the opposite.

Having said that, these might be perfect for some mint lovers who “kinda” like licorice. It also is apparently great for some die hard licorice fans, as I found out when one of my co-workers stole the entire bag from me.   So honestly, this might be a case of the flavor combination just not being ideal for this dude. They’re certainly unique though , and I’d suggest that you check them out if you enjoy mint & licorice.

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